After the extremely hyped WWDC 2014 event which witnessed the preview and announcement of iOS 8, mixed opinions have sprung among fan boys and technology enthusiasts. While the former are excited a
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Samsung brand loyalists have a huge buzz amongst them since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 model, but we’d like to see why it isn’t a good choice to go for this android smartphone.
Looks like Facebook is on a shopping spree. However, there isn't any on going holiday sale, In Fact it's recent shopping cart had cost the company and it's investors a whopping 20 Billion dollars. Few weeks past the critically acclaimed Whatsapp acquisition, Facebook made the headlines again by acquiring Oculus VR, a gaming headset manufacturing company, in a whopping 2 Billion contract.
You might find Facebook's decision of buying Whatsapp for 19 Billion, Appalling. Not only you, the news sent ripples through the whole Invest Banking and Silicon Valley industries. Whatsapp was initially valued at 1.3 Billion according to it's current revenue scenario. If you take further growth out of the formula and 1$/Year as it's only revenue model, it would take 100 years for Facebook to recover it's investment.
Losing a Smartphone is a very nasty experience. You spend so much time putting information into your phone, and spend so much time with it, and then it disappears and you feel a little lost. When you think that it has been stolen then the feeling is all the worse, as you know you will not see it again, and you know someone else may be looking through all of your private information, contacts, images and videos. Here are a few tips to help you through either losing your phone or having it stolen.
The Google Glass is one of the most sought after and widely discussed gadgets of this decade. It doesn’t only take praises to its credit, it is also one of the most criticized product. If only an essence of alternative reality technology caught your glimpse and intrigued you, you could only imagine your reaction after learning about Space Glasses.