Facebook and Google plus cover photo Generator
Both Google+ and Facebook has the new cover photo system and you have probably wanted to make some cool example you saw with overlapping with profile photo. That's a big line I wrote there! Anyway.. But if you are using a photo editor, well it's just a waste of time. Aspect ratio, sizing, cropping and every other 'ing' that you have to do to get one of them. Well you can also use Facebook app but often confusing, full of advertising or security issues are at the place. So the solution to all this is a nice simple but brilliant generator I have come upon. 


Facebook and Google plus cover photo Generator

Before I go mad with texts, here is the link: http://www.korko.fr/clevercover/

The website so far has no advertising and allows use of both internet images and from you hard drive.
Tutorial (Don't think it's necessary, but still, a post with just a link... no one will ever find it on Google)

Just go to the link choose either Google+ or Facebook and click on it. Now choose local for photos you want to use from you computer. Upload it and fix you setting before downloading. Keep in mind though, you need  940x250 pixels or bigger for Google plus. If you want to use internet photos then get the link and paste it after you click 'Online pictures'. Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the article,

    Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas to improve it ;)


    1. Your tool is awesome. Thanks for making it :)