There are a whole lot of blog's out there with tutorials on bloggers and there is also Google to help you out, but not all of the result you come up with are updated to the date or issue a piece or series that you would really like to know. Luckily for bloggers, there is a complete set of all the blogger tutorials you might want to head over to the sites below for all the latest help you can think of along with tips on how to get your problem fixed, and fast.

All latest blogger 'How To'

Blogger has it's own official tutorials for pretty much everything out there. Seems little obvious, but it actually dos provide you with all the help, trusted and without any ads compared to other blogs on blogging. Go to blogger support website and just search what you need help with from the search box.

You will also see a set of listed tutorials into different sections below the search box to find you the tutorial faster:

Find fixes and troubleshoot for blogger blog

The best way to do it by going to blogger blog's forum. The expert from blogger group or user can surely help you out. Another alternate option to this problems, especially for design or alteration- you van ask any of the millions of blogger out there who are writing about blog's everyday  Use the contact or support form for faster reply and solution to your problem. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am part of those million bloggers, so go ahead and ask me anything below on the comment or using the contact form.

Editor's note

This post was written for people who are fairly new to blogger, using the method above you will find every basic tutorials but for advance options you will have to ask your old friend, Google. Happy blogging.

Image source: Blogger Support (screenshot)


  1. My first blog was created by Blogger platform. That time mainly I used Youtube to get help. :-) YouTube have many Blogger tutorial videos.

    1. YouTube videos are certainly a big help, thanks for sharing :)