3 Extensions To Fix Annoying Issues In Chrome

Google is perhaps the most widely used and popular web browser out there. It is very user friendly and is faster than most other browsers. However, it is not without faults. Google Chrome has some minor problems and issues. Google is not at all bothered to fix these problems hence it rests solely upon the users to fix them. There are some tips and tricks to solve such problems. There are a lot of ways to do it. Given below are three extensions which one can use to solve annoying issues in Google Chrome.

1. Clear the Downloads list

While downloading any file using Google Chrome, a bar indicating the download progress pops up at the bottommost of the screen. This feature allows the user to download multiple files at a time and also keep an eye on each progress. However, the main problem is that when the download is complete, the bar still stays there. To make the bar go away, there is an “x” mark. Pressing it closes the bar. But it would be better if the bar closes automatically after downloads are complete. The Google Chrome extension, “Always clear Downloads “helps in clearing your download list regularly. This in turn makes the problem disappear and makes using the Chrome much easier.


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2. Search for already visited pages on the Google Chrome- SeenBefore

When the user uses some sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. fairly regularly, then looking through the history for some site previously visited is just next to impossible. Search the history list or the previously visited sites list is not an effective way to find out the address of a website which the user forgot to bookmark. Thus SeenBefore came into use. Hence an extra feature was added to Google Chrome. SeenBefore is like any other search engine having both pros and cons.

3. Clipboard sync- Copying from one device to the other.

Have you tried to send files to your own email via some other computer so that you can open it without any worry. With Google Chrome it becomes a whole lot easier due to the incorporation of Clipboard sync. To use the extension, the user must log into their Google account via Google Chrome. To start copying, select and copy some files and then press the icon of Clipboard sync.

In short, These extensions are of great help as they fix the minor bugs and irritating issues with the Google Chrome.


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