4 Necessities for Your Baby’s Nursery

Congratulations! You are expecting your first child! This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time, filled with nervous anticipation. You may be spending time scouring the internet for what you will need when that brand new bundle of joy arrives. There are a lot of websites that will encourage you to add an extra 20 things to your registry you don’t need. No one ever uses those baby wipe warmers; what you need is the stripped down, bare-necessity baby list. If you raise extra money for luxuries later, you can always add them. Included here are the absolute must-haves to start your baby’s nursery.


It goes without saying you will need a place for your baby to sleep. While some mothers are able to take their little infants to bed with them, it can be dangerous for the infant and does not equate to good sleep for the mom. If you do want to have your baby close at hand while sleeping, be sure to get a co-sleeper; this will allow the baby to be separate from you and less likely to be smothered. Ideally, you will want to have the baby sleeping in their own crib, this will allow you time to yourself and time with your spouse. Whatever apparatus you choose: crib, cradle, bassinet, or co-sleeper; make sure you have it in your home before heading off to the hospital.



This applies to any number of rockable, moving seats you can place your baby in. When you are trying to cook dinner, and don’t want your baby laying on the kitchen floor, it can be extremely handy to have a small bouncer to place them in. It is much easier to use your foot to bounce it on occasion than try to use one arm to chop vegetables. If you have more space around the house you can use a baby swing or electronic rocker. Keep in mind, those are going to use more electricity and can become addictive to babies as they won’t be able to sleep without the rocking motion.

Car Seat

This is a necessity. Great car seats are indispensable. It is wise to do your own research for them and not to accept older hand-me-down seats. The newer ones will have higher safety ratings and you don’t have to worry about potential wear and tear on any of the straps. You may potentially want to purchase two bases for your infant seat so it is easy to transfer baby between mom and dad’s cars. For example, you drop baby off at daycare in their infant seat, dad already has a base in his car to click it into when he picks the child up.

Carrier or Stroller

Some moms choose not to invest in these baby transportation devices, but they do come in handy for many. Getting your baby accustomed to a carrier from a young age can help them be well adjusted by the time you try to take a hike. There are countless different kinds of carriers from wraps and slings to backpacks with lower back support. Many mothers choose to utilize the fabric carriers when their baby is small and transition to the more heavy duty carriers as their baby grows. Finding a carrier with back support will be a lifesaver for you in the long run.

Strollers are another optional requirement. If you live in a walking town, strollers can be very convenient for walking to the grocery store or rocking back and forth to put a baby to sleep. These come in every shape and variety from tiny umbrella strollers to massive jogging varieties. Consider all the ways and times you want to use your stroller before purchasing.


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