4 Practices to Stay Away From When Promoting Your Website

The primary reason behind developing a website is to attract attention to the information your giving out. Simply creating this content doesn”t mean that visitors will start flooding the site. In order to get noticed, you need to market the material as well as optimize the pages for search engines. However, there are some methods that may sound good in an advertisement but could be detrimental to the development of your site and possibly online reputation.

Buying Links to Your Site

Backlinks have the capacity to help your site develop notoriety. Most search engines see links aiming back to your pages as a way of determining if the material is popular. However, many conversions to search engine algorithms could allow these links to cause the opposite effect. In order to bring the most relevant content to a search engine result page, organizations are requiring that links are used to create relevancy between two websites. For instance, a blog about dogs wouldn”t have much relevance if it linked content to a website about how volcanoes are formed. Buying “links” could be nothing more than a waste of your money while possibly damaging your website”s reputation.

Email Lists

Using email lists can be tricky. Although its still a heavily used method for marketing, it can also lead to a grey area of utilization. Many lists that are offered on the Internet were purchased from third parties. These have a good chance of being unsolicited which aggravates much of the general populace. Subscriptions and email list sign-up forms on your own website is always the better approach. Not only does this increase the chances of conversions, since the people are already interested enough to sign up, but your organization won”t be viewed as a “spammer.”


Keyword Relevancy

Unfortunately, there are still many out there that believe that saturating a website with a certain keyword can help in its page rank. This is a false practice and can hurt your site”s development. Although keywords are important as it is the basis of a search term, it”s the relevancy that gets the attention. Even the use of synonyms for your keyword is more beneficial than saturating your website with the same terms. Concentrate more on providing quality content instead of more key phrases.

Too Many Advertisements on the Top

Those that use ad marketing and affiliate material often put the majority of ads on the top half of the site. This ensures that any visitor can see all of the ads without scrolling through content. Search engines are actually penalizing sites that practice this form of advertising through the page layout algorithm. Don”t bombard your readers with banners and links before they are able to read the content itself.

The best way to keep your site in the top of the results page is by using the best practices for current SEO. This means it”s in your best interest to read on current technology and changes to ensure that your site meets any new criteria. Keeping your proverbial thumb on the pulse of search engine implementations can help keep your site ranked high in the results page.


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