5 Digital Ways to Make The Move

Moving can be a stressful endeavor if a person does not stay organized and plan the event carefully. Fortunately, people can utilize a variety of resources when they relocate, such as moving companies and storage facilities. Researching different tools and professional movers on the web and viewing the pros and cons of the various methods of moving can be a critical tool, as suggested on Door to Door Moving.

Digital apps can also make the moving process easier and less stressful. In fact, technology is continually being developed to streamline the moving experience. To get the most out of such technology, it may be helpful to explore some of the top digital tools consumers might use when they are moving from one place to another.

Creating a Checklist

Many individuals have probably heard of project managers for large corporate projects and know that it sure would be nice to have a project manager for their own move. Moving Planner is an Android application that enables users to configure the data that they find most useful. This app functions as a planner and offers users a checklist to help them stay organized. The checklist includes over 200 moving-related entries already provided, to save users the time they would spend writing down such things. They can also add more items as they progress. Unlimited lists are available, and users can customize them to suit their needs.  Plus, there”s no need to worry about losing pieces of paper as things get packed and shuffled around. There is also a similar app available for iPhone called Move Planner.


Barcodes for Boxes

One of the most challenging parts of moving can be keeping belongings organized and accounted for while they are being packed up. An app for iPhone called MovingDay attempts to remedy that often frustrating part of moving. According to Homefinder.com Public Relations Manager Deanna Lawley, this app enables users to create barcodes via their iPhones, print them out, and then tape them to moving boxes. This simplifies the process of identifying the contents of boxes, which can otherwise add several hours of work to a moving day. Users can email reports or print them, depending on their preferences and circumstances. The app also enables them to take photos and record damages, making insurance claims much easier to file.

Doing it All with One App

The MoveMatch App provides users with a long list of features. People can appraise their household belongings by weight and volume, and they can record which items are fragile, so they know what types of packing materials they might need. They can take photos for insurance purposes or to help keep the moving process as organized as possible. They can even view customs regulations for a variety of countries. A checklist of tasks is also available with the app.

Info from Industry Pros

The Home Move Pro app helps individuals to move with the ease of industry professionals. This application for iPhone provides users with a detailed planner, conveniently enabling them to take notes via audio or according to geo-location. Template checklists offer individuals a variety of options to match their circumstances; they can even take and store photos for future use. According to Quicken Loans article contributor Nate Segall, a section for recording contacts is a great space to keep track of information that can be useful during relocation, such as phone numbers for landlords and email addresses for moving and storage companies.

Completing a move can be a gratifying experience. If a person has the right tools and resources, relocation does not need to be stressful and exhausting. Technology is always being developed to make the lives of consumers easier, and this includes consumers who must relocate to new places.

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