5 Tips for Taking Black and White Photos

Are you a burgeoning new photographer? Interested in capturing those stunning black and white photos? Great photography is a genuine skill that must be learned over time. Recent advancements in technology have created top-of-the-line imaging devices. Black and white imaging is an entirely different beast than color photography. Included here are a few tips for honing your black and white photography talent.

Focus on Details

Before you shoot, pay attention to the lines, shapes and shadows present in your image. Black and white photographers are going to play up all of those strengths and create an eye-catching picture. Focusing on these details will allow you to picture a black and white image even though you live in a color world.

Watch Contrast

Images that look great in black and white often have high contrast. The best black and white photos are going to have very dark blacks and pure whites. These startlingly contrasting gradations will make your photos far more interesting and eye-catching.


Image Source: Pixabay

Shades of Gray

While having the sharp contrast of black and white is eye-catching, it will not create as interesting of an image as you would see with a variety of gray as well. Make sure you have varying shades of gray playing out over the photo to give it depth between the black and white. A great way to play with the gray variations is by utilizing the flash on your camera to shade and brighten various areas.

Look for Texture

Another component of a well done black and white photo is in the presence of texture. Pay attention to whether or not the texture is front-lit and avoid that to gain the depth and interest texture can bring. Black and white images are often the best way to demonstrate texture and can bring out new appeal in photos. For instance, a photo of aged woodgrain will be pleasant in color, but when converted to black and white, the texture and grain of the wood will stand out much more beautifully.

Find Patterns

Humans love to see symmetry, it is often a big part of what constitutes an attractive face to you. Symmetry allows people to process and focus what they are seeing more easily by simplifying cognitive processes. You are naturally drawn to patterns and continued symmetry that occurs in nature.

Some of the most successful photographs strip away the color to demonstrate the natural beauty of symmetry. A great way to spice up those images for more interest can be to add a small distraction of contrast that breaks away from the symmetry. Imagine a long pathway leading between rows of trees with a single solitary figure in the lower right-hand corner. You will be intrigued by the symmetry as well as the dissension caused by that lone individual.


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