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If you have already decided to go the eCommerce route, then we have something to share with you. No longer do you need a website designer or professional coder to get your online store up and running. Yes, with you can create your online store and stunning website by yourself!

Online Store redefined:

There are many benefits to creating and selling through an online store. You have access to a huge market which could potentially increase your customer base. It makes sense especially because there are no restraints like space, and time. Your business is live all the time, and is available anywhere. And, sites like help in cutting your expenses when it comes to site design.

Make it Wix way:

As we have mentioned above, can be a handy place for you since they offer an eCommerce website builder to help you create an extremely professional online store. You don’t really have to waste time in conducting interviews in finding a good website designer. With your site will be ready within a very short while. In short, you just have to concentrate on your business strategies for improving sales.

The simplest and most efficient way possible:

Wix offers one of the simplest ways, yet offers finest quality output. You just need to choose a template, add your products, and make sure to publish. The best part is that you don’t really need to have any coding skills. Your site is always ready for mobile users as well, looking at the increasing smart phone users. When you are all set for making business, you can just go for any VIP Premium plan. Any money you make through the online store goes straight in to your pocket. claims nothing.

Never have it in mind that you just have to follow the way they offer. You can design your store the way you like. In addition, the support team always welcomes to receive any query from your side, and you can enjoy interesting tutorials through its Support Center.

Best management of the products

Wix makes things simple by making all store building components available in one place. They encourage you to sell online through handy tips. You can always expect best support from them for selling over the web.

Get the best interface for promotion:

Wix offers a sleek interface, just the way it should be. Whereas at other eCommerce website builders tasks such as setting up, management, or promotion are too baffling and time consuming, Wix on the other hand, makes it playful, and gives you the freedom for focussing on making money.


The store manager lets you do it your way:

It gives you the exact feelings of a store manager. Usually, store managers are too restricted for the user. Here, you can arrange and include new products, set payment methods, integrate coupons to attract a bigger audience, fix transport and taxation, keep track of your orders, manage your register, and more.

If you need help then the Wix Support Center is always available for you.

Smart Actions makes it so that you never miss a beat:

Business is all about maintaining good relationships with your customers. understands that and offers full flexibility with its newsletter service to ensure you never miss a relationship with your site’s visitors. You can get in touch with them through the automated e-mailing service, otherwise known as Smart Actions. Smart Actions is accessible through your site’s dashboard. You can make your site’s visitors aware of special offers regarding your web stores, send them coupons, let them know you appreciate their business, etc. All this is important so that your relationship and business grows in the perfect way. Sections like My Contacts and Smart Actions never allow for distance to separate you from your customers.

How is unique: is not just another way of opening online store. They provide you with a plethora of services to mark your web presence. Starting from registration, promotion, etc; everything is taken care from one destination. You can look for any domain name and make it registered with through its premium service.

Also comes with an excellent blogging platform, which is a great addition to any online business. Apart from this, there is a huge collection of applications available to go with for enhancing your site.

Outline: offers you with an enhanced and mobile optimised solution for your online store. All your products are nicely showcased in your store’s product gallery, and there product pages available for each of your product. You can always design the site the way you want going through the huge collection of stunning templates. You can always impress visitors through interesting coupon offers, enhanced multi-dimensional payment options and the product videos. They come with best way to track your order.


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