Google In The Internet Business: Google Fiber

Google have a ad habit of experimenting with everything and it”s been doing quit well so far. Now Google has started to set their foot on internet business. Since it is google, as usual it”s 100 time better than the average one. Google Fiber might be the next big buisseness on internet providing world. They will be serving 1000 mb/s or almost a gigaite speed of internet connection and this is 100 time faster than average internet providers around. They are also releasing an free forever with 7 year granted version with $300 one time charge home/office base internet. Even with all the ahh-woo parts there is still a nooo… part to the story. Continue reading for more details and video.


Google Fiber, the what

Google fiber is the google”s new experiment with internet providing business with 100 times faster internet connection. Since it”s network based, you can run all your devices with one connection. This will only be available in US and there are three different plans and pricing to choose from.

Gigabit + Tv

It comes with network box, TV box and storage box as well as 1TB of Google drive space. This pan cost $120 month. Considering the speed and opportunity, I would say it”s a fair prize and still competitive with other providers.

Gigabit internet

With gigabit of speed which comes only with a network box costs you $70/month. You can use it from anywhere in your home with any device you wish. No installation costs included.

Free internet

This is a pretty attractive offer. You will only have to pay one time $300 for installation or $25 over 12 months and after that it”s forever free. They will provide you 7 year grantee as well. However this is not the ultra fast internet and just regular 1 mb/s internet.

Google Fiber, the how

There”s a catch however to this awesome offers. You can”t get them unless your neighborhood and city preregister the highest int the country. They are starting with one city and hopefully in the future, we can all take. Here”s what you need to do to get Google fiber at your home and city.

So, you have time till September 9th to convince people in your neighborhood to give this a try. This can be the new revolution to internet business and possibly red mark to existing one. For more information visit official fiber website below:


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