iOS 6 Hidden Features And Tips

With iPhone 5 Sales Picking up, there has a been a mixed response on iPhone 5 and the iOS 6. Let”s look at some of the hidden features it has to offer us


  • Added 8 new pre-installed Wallpapers
  • In Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing S / D a new symbol “|’ is added to the configuration to indicate when the sound balance appears to be centered;
  • In Settings -> General -> About -> Promotion you can activate the option “Limit Ad Tracking” to enable limited ad tracking;
  • The new music equalizer “the Deep” is reachable from Settings -> Music -> EQ. This greatly reduces the bass providing a more relaxing sound and peaceful music. There aren”t many feature updates brought to the not so Cheap iPhone 5 which is priced at around thousand bucks. Is the larger screen worth the upgrade?

Mail and Browser:

  • Apple added support for HTML signatures, to configure signature just copy the signature you created on your Mac or PC directly under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Signature;
  • While sending e-mail messages, Mail interface will show a progress bar and play the notification sound ‘Mail has been been sent’ even if the message is not actually sent;
  • You can completely customize the sound of the notification of emails for different contacts. Similarly, you can set different notification sounds for the VIP addresses;
  • You can view or delete the previous Drafts by pressing and holding the compose button
  • When you send an email, you can remove the address to which you sent the message from the list of recent recipients;
  • To add photos or videos in the e-mail via attachments, all you need to do is long press on screen in the body of the message or the Title field and select “Insert photos or videos”.
  • If you wish to view your browsing history on Safari, Just long press on forward/back buttons in Safari dialog box
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