Organizing Your Bookmarks Using Google Chrome

If you do a lot of browsing on the Internet, there is a good chance you”ve accumulate a lot of bookmarks that are cluttering your browser. If you”re using Google Chrome, you can keep all of these bookmarks tidy while being able to access them from virtually any computer you sit at – whether it”s yours or not. By keeping your bookmarked pages organized, you can spend less time looking for specific links and more time browsing.

The Bookmark Toolbar

One of the most common methods of bookmarking pages you visit is by dragging the address of the site to your bookmark toolbar. This will place the site”s icon as well as its title in the toolbar for quick access. However, there is a way you can fit more of these websites without using the double-arrow expansion that”s on the far right side of the browser. For websites that you commonly visit and know by the icon, you can delete the text while showing only the image. If you right-click the link in the toolbar and left-click “Edit” in the options, you can change how the bookmark behaves. Delete the “Name” of the bookmark and click “Save.” This will remove the text while still displaying the icon. An example of this is recognition of the Facebook blue and white “f” image. Your memory has associated that image to mean Facebook and you may not need text to remind you of this fact. The link will still work in the same way as before, but this reduces the amount of space it needs on your toolbar. Instead of showing you five or six websites, you can display 30 or more simultaneously depending on your screen resolution.


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Creating Folders

The bookmark toolbar in Google Chrome allows you to create folders as well. By organizing similar websites under a single folder, you can reduce the clutter while providing an efficient method to quickly find what you”re looking for. Simply right-click the toolbar and left-click “Add Folder.” For example, you can store all of your favorite web-based games under a single folder labeled, “Games.”

Efficiency in the Workplace

Organizing your bookmarks has potential to make you more efficient in your career. Perhaps your business utilizes various Cloud applications. Arranging your icons or creating a business folder can help you quickly find the sites that matter most to your procedures. This prevents bookmarks from getting lost or accidentally deleted. Since you can place folders inside of other folders in Google Chrome, you can further organize important bookmarks. In many ways, keeping your browser organized and tidy is as important to efficiency as the cleanliness of your actual desk space. The more efficient you are, the more productive you can be in less time.

Google Chrome has many features and tools that help you in everyday life. From allowing you access to your bookmarks from nearly any computer with Internet access to various office apps available with a few clicks of the mouse, the browser has incredible versatility. Do what you can to organize your personal and business browsing habits and spend more time enjoying the Internet.


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