Problems and Solution With Legacy Systems

If you”re in the computer or technical support fields for very long, you”ll end up running into the idea of “legacy” systems. Basically, this means that applications or programs that work under certain operating systems or computing frameworks that get left behind because of new advances have to have special supporting features so that they can keep working.

And there are lots of problems, and lots of solutions, that come along with the idea of legacy apps, legacy programs, and legacy ideology even. To explore some of these subsets of technology”s perpetual advance forward, consider things like why knowledge transfer is important, examples of video games, where software updates issues occur, how the money around legacy items works, and the costs and benefits of moving forward.

Thinking Ahead About Knowledge Transfer

One gigantic legacy situation that is in progress right now deals with utilizing mainframes in IT work. The mainframes deal with old computer languages that aren”t taught currently, have haven”t been taught in decades, to tell the truth. And the people who know how to code that way are retiring and moving on. But these legacy mainframes still work, so if companies want to continue using that infrastructure, the have to follow knowledge transfer procedures, and they have to do it now!

Video Game Examples

Many people get nostalgic for video games they played when they were younger. Since so many of these systems are been updated many time, and they are no longer supported, you have this chasm of legacy games that are enjoyed, that work totally fine, and don”t need updating, but no longer have any method to be played. To solve this, legacy games are available on new systems that just update the physical medium.


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Software Update Issues

One thing that creates legacy issues frequency are software updates and operating system updates. A program that works perfectly fine is on your system. You upgrade the system. And the program no longer works. Now, you have to either create a dual boot system or find some sort of legacy support bridge to make the program work again.

How the Money Works

One part of legacy support that many people find irritating is how companies deal with the money aspect of progress. If a company decides not to support some advancement in computers or operating systems outside of their control, they can, if they want, tell you that legacy is not supported, and they don”t have to refund your money or give you a way to fix it.

The Costs and Benefits Of Moving Forward

When it comes to updating your equipment, there”s a certain excitement that comes with having the latest and the best. However, that forward movement can also come with the cost of now having unsupported legacy programs. If you have a professional system that does the job you need it to, sometimes it”s better to just stay put.


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