Does Your Product Display Grab The Consumer’s Eye?

Back in the 1970″s, and early 1980″s it was popular to see all sorts of glowing animated neon signs outside of businesses. Signs that strobed and letters that blinked on and off were all the rage. The whole sight was a testament to how business owners were putting technology to work in their marketing and advertising efforts, much like people do with massive banners and store displays today. As times change, so does the technology that drives our marketing and advertising methods. As any business owner knows the right marketing displays are critical to grabbing the consumer”s eye, but what technology is emerging that is best to use to leverage the most out of a business owners marketing and advertising efforts?

Trends In Marketing Technology Used Inside Stores Today

Animation is back in stores, with business owners getting clever with the placement of video display screens throughout their stores to catch the eye of passing consumers. Instead of simply strobing lights and flickering letters as old fashioned signs used to do, these video displays put a person”s face on a screen and the person talks to customers as they are passing by. Even if the customer is not actively looking at the screen, they can hear the sales pitch. To make the sales pitch have more impact on the customer psychologically speaking, the ad being run on the video display is often played over and over again. Repeating the ad many times may seem slightly annoying to customers, but it is one way to condition customers to remember details about certain products. If this tactic happens to work to increase sales of key products in a particular department, then it is easy to understand why a store might cling to such a use of technology to improve their product marketing and advertising efforts. In addition, an added bonus to this form of advertising inside a store is that it also gives the store owner the opportunity to alert customers to products that will be on the shelves soon.


Eye Placement Analysis

Whether you realize it or not, owners of stores constantly monitor not only what you are looking at, but where your eyes are focused as you walk through a store. The general placement of video displays is critical to grabbing the customer”s attention. Thus a store owner has to be careful to analyze where customers are looking to get the best results out of their use of technology in their store. This may mean that changing the height of a particular display, in relation to the age group the store owner is trying to market to, for example, is an ongoing effort that may require numerous adjustments before the proper placement of a video display is achieved. With super spy cams all over modern stores today, it makes one wonder if the mannequin display is looking right back at you and gathering information about where your attention is being directed towards.


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