Refurbish your home on a budget

It can be extremely frustrating when you want to refresh the look of your home but your funds refuse to reflect your desires. Push these concerns aside, because there are many ways to give your house or apartment a completely new look without having to spend too much money. Use our top tips to give your home a new lease of life for less.


Before you can refresh your home, you need to rid all spaces of items you no longer need. A clear palette allows for new ideas, so be brutal and throw away, donate, or sell anything that you no longer need. This includes clothes you don’t wear, ornaments and pictures you no longer like, and items that serve no purpose. Selling items is an excellent way to accrue finances for your redecorating fund, so why not advertise anything you no longer want online, or in local stores?


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Change things up

It really can be as simple as transferring furniture or artwork from one room to another. Try placing items in other rooms, and even in areas that may at first ridiculous. Switching things up can be enough to add new life to your home, so before you start shopping, experiment with the things you already have.


Sometimes you just need to look at the things you already have in a different way. When you open your eyes to upcycling, suddenly an old suitcase becomes a coffee table, that dress you no longer wear becomes a tablecloth, and a broken wooden slat from your bed become as shelf. Upcycling saves you money and can add contemporary style to your home. Find some amazing upcycling ideas at

Buy preloved
After you have finished advertising all those lovely things you no longer want, it’s time to look for things you do want. Re-selling sites are goldmines for cheap, yet functional and beautiful furniture and décor. Popular sites such as Craigslist advertise all manner of home improvement products and preloved furniture at low prices. If you are able it is worthwhile researching How To Search Multiple Cities on Craigslist as you never know what bargains you can find just outside the area in which you live.

Keep it simple

Trends change, and if you are prone to changing your mind about the styles and colours you like in your home, it is advisable to keep the walls and furnishing simple. Choose to accessorise rather than completely redecorate your home with various paints and wallpapers that you may want to change in the near future. Throws placed on beds and couches can add accents and completely change a colour scheme, and changing artwork can complement seasonal changes. By keeping all permanent features neutral you can afford to go wild with temporary accessories.

Refreshing your home can be extremely enjoyable, especially when you realise there is no need to splash the cash. Use these tips to refurbish your home for less, and enjoy the results.

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