The Rise of Intelligent Furniture

Would it not be great to be able to interact with your furniture? With advances in modern technology, the whole idea of lounging around may start to take on a whole new life of its own. When your furniture can speak your language, and is eager that you are home from a long day”s work, this might make even the single life not seem so lonely anymore. It is just another way modern networks can introduce improvements to our otherwise ordinary lives. Harnessing the power of the internet, your furniture could be transformed into artificially intelligent devices of their own, which provide you with a whole new level of comfort and relaxing experience.

The Easy Life

It is nice when you have an opportunity to sleep in on the weekend. Since beds can change firmness and even provide massaging motion, it really is not far fetched to imagine simply commanding your bed to behave how you want it to. If you want to raise the temperature of your mattress, not a problem. Just say the buzz word that triggers your bed into action, and the bed simply obeys. But, what if your bed starts to show concern, asking if the result is correct? That might seem a little strange at first, but like with any other technological advancement, it is something you could probably get used to and eventually wonder how you ever lived without it. If you think of your bed as just another voice operated computer terminal hooked into the cloud, not only could your bed be able to execute a wide variety of commands, but it might even be able to help you carry out searches on the Internet, while monitoring your bodily reactions, adjusting to optimize your level of comfort as time passes. The wireless bed is coming, and it will change how you even think about relaxation.


Furniture That Is a Joy to Own

Aside from a bed that reacts to voice control, what if all the furniture in your house had this ability? What if all you had to do is tell your couch to move itself forward six inches, and you no longer had to bust your back to get up and move your big pieces of furniture around? What if you wanted your furniture to remember where it belongs and to automatically align with other pieces of furniture, or change its position with respect to another piece of furniture. With technology, your furniture can not only talk with you but with other pieces of furniture in the room, coordinating with each other to carry out your instructions to the letter. This would make it far easier for your robotic vacuum to be able to clean, if it also could have access to control over the furniture, clean behind it, and then command it to move back and auto align with the wall. In addition, it might let you know that your keys fell between the cushion along with two quarters and a dime. Where such an idea may have seemed like science fiction back in the 1960″s, today such concepts are actually very feasible and perhaps even cost effective. Just wait until your piano gets a digital upgrade, tunes itself, and downloads all the available free sheet music of Chopin for your listening pleasure.


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