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The sending of bulk SMS and emails is the perfect means to communicate with all your customers. You have never had such easy communication with your customers. With SendPulse bulk and SMS marketing services, you can contact your customers at any time regardless of where they are. It is an integrated and most trusted platform offering bulk SMS messages, bulk mailing and web push notifications.

While the market is full of bulk mailing and SMS services and software, it’s hard to find an all in one solution that lets you integrate the three powerful and solid marketing tricks into one. Thus, you get the chance to showcase your efforts and business idea to the potential customers with a single click.


Why your company needs bulk SMS and Email marketing?

Most companies do not realize the huge potential that bulk SMS and email marketing can offer because they have never set up a campaign dedicated to such a massive channel. However, when the strategy is well adapted, some advantages are not negligible:

The commitment is immediate: Studies have proved that emails and SMS inbox is accessed several times a day. Thus, your content, promotional campaign or marketing message will be read within minutes of delivery.

Setting up an SMS campaign is quick and easy: A text message usually has little more than 160 characters, which means that messages are only two sentences at most. This brevity is a good thing because it allows consumers in a hurry to read the content of the message at a glance.

Email marketing is effortless: Sometimes, 160 characters are not enough to speak the volume of your offers and business. In such a scenario, emails provide the best media and convey your thoughts in best possible manner.

The bulk SMS and email Marketing is affordable: Sending a message or mail is usually cheaper than doing an offline display campaign or on the internet (display). Many operators offer inexpensive solutions for small or massive marketing campaign.

The bulk Marketing is interactive: To federate around a brand, the latter must invite its customers to engage in order to exchange with it. For example, an advertiser can use the SMS channel to launch an interactive campaign in the form of a survey or questionnaire. The consumer becomes an active participant and provides valuable data to help the business determine exactly what it needs. A good way also to retain your customers!

SMS Marketing is environmentally friendly: More and more companies are adopting environmentally friendly practices. In the marketing sector, SMS and emails leaves no carbon footprint unlike all paper media such as flyers or billboards.


How SendPulse does differs from regular SMS and email marketing software platforms?

  • SendPulse allows sending of event-based emails, SMS and push notifications that deliver great results if combined together. This feature is available in Automation 360. Thus, you get the benefits of 3 superb actions in one go. Less efforts, better results!
  • SendPulse is an integrated platform that offers bulk email, bulk SMS messages and web push notifications. While Bulk emails lets you send big messages, promotional offers, questionnaires quiz and such sort of messages. The bulk SMS are ideal for quick and word limited content summary.
  • SendPulse offers FREE notifications: It may happen that you are unable to receive response via SMS and emails. Maximize your audience reach and engagement with FREE web push notifications.

The platform also provides a large quota on its free plans for those who avail SMTP and email services. Such privileges are available with minimal restrictions on functionality. Expect quick ROI as you appear in and out focused about your business to the customers. And who will not love to deal with a brand that leaves no stone unturned to contact them.

Facts about the company:

  • SendPulse has been among the 3 finalists of The Next Web SCALE 2016 program.
  • SendPulse was awarded as one of the best startups of 2016 by “The Next Web”.
  • The company also provides a Startup Accelerator program offering $5,000 grant for bulk email marketing development for all the participants involved.


Unique Feature-Automation 360

Be it a startup or a well-established business, everyone wants automated marketing in all forms without putting in much efforts. If you also demand such features, you can avail and enjoy the benefits of Automation 360 where in you are allowed to send SMS, bulk emails and FREE push notifications to users based on their interests and activities.

Thus, overall, we can say that SendPulse is one of the best platforms to get three in one marketing privileges. Leverage the benefits of unique features, free services and affordable packages and let your business message reach the right customers via different modes.

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