Tech Advances To Make Your Brain Sparkle

Technology is amazing, but to a certain degree, advances in tech are so common and expected that we can sometime lose our sense of awe over the next smaller processor or the next generation of wearable fitness band. Because we”re in such a loop of constant improvement, something has to be really spectacular to catch our collective attention.

But indeed, those outliers are still happening, and they do make the imagination light up. Five examples in particular that you can look into include 3D vision in medicine, immersive virtual reality, consumer drone technology, 3D printers, and contact lens computers (yes, they”ll be here soon!).

3D Vision In Medicine

The medical industry is constantly improving with the absorption of new technology, but one fascinating advance in particular is the idea of 3D vision in medicine. Some very smart people got together and created a scope that actually allows doctors and patients to see in three dimensions, drastically improving the potential for things like successful surgeries, or even just learning what might be the problem somewhere in the body.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Though most of the attention right now is on the gaming aspect of virtual reality, the huge advances in the last year or so have given a lot of people things to think about. People can be transported via vision and hearing to completely different places, simply by putting a headset on. And this headset is just getting to the level where it”s totally immersive as well as almost getting out of the prohibitively expensive category. Some of the social implications of virtual reality technology would be to work with people with dementia or other mental disorders, giving them an opportunity to escape via their sensory perceptions.


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Consumer drones are fascinating, regardless of what people use them for. There are now drone flight competitions, and the technology that goes into the navigation, propulsion, steering, and error correction are just phenomenal. For people in creative industries, the ability of drones to shoot film are taking people into brand new directions as well.

3D Printers

And the more you hear about what they”re doing with 3D printers, the more excited you can get about it. 3D printing whole buildings, human organs, food, parts for fantastic machines. The ability to construct nearly any type of thing will be with us before too long.

Contact Lens Computers

And perhaps most fantastically regarding the latest news is the idea of a contact lens computer display. This is something you used to see all the time in sci-fi movies, but it”s pretty close to become a reality, with patents already on the market by major companies vying for that professional commercial space.


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