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I was introduced to by one of my clients. Earlier I used to use paid services for email marketing and bought email leads but the results were not so great. My client was amazed by my services and exclaimed that even after providing quality work, my business was still in its nascent stage because of poor marketing. So, he suggested me trying platform for free initially. He had used it for his business and had got unbelievable results. I thought of giving it a try and now I am a big fan of There is a lot to talk about and how it has helped me and other businesses to grow and reach millions of customers. But I would like to focus on 3 important tools that it offers: email verifier, email finder, and email drip campaigns. After having used them, I believe that they are a must-have for any business.

About is an innovative company that provides email leads that are nearly 100% verified and it is helping out online businesses to grow considerably. They have Chrome extensions as well as a web interface, so one can use this platform according to their convenience. The insights of campaigns are similar to Google analytics but the advantage is that you can try it out completely for free.

So, let’s go to the tools review.

Email Finder

There are many departments and officers in an organization that can be targeted in order to generate leads. There are unlimited possibilities in email marketing if you know the email addresses of higher officials in the organization. But to get this list, you may have to spend lots of money. If you too were buying email lists just like me, then I would tell you that you must stop doing this.

Instead of that, you can get the entire list of emails associated with a particular domain name in a fraction of seconds. I came to know about the platform and this particular feature just 2 months ago and since that moment I’ve been using it. It allows me to search for email addresses associated with multiple domains at a time and find emails of prospects on the professional social network. Using this tool is convenient, fast, and easy and it gets guaranteed results too. I really love the numerous tools that keeps on adding. And the best part is that these tools complement each other and they together work as an unbeatable team for marketing my business online.

Email Verifier:

So, either you buy a list of email addresses or find them with Email Finder, you need to check the emails for being real and active. If you ignore this step, then the consequences will be hard. The unverified emails return to you as bounces. The higher bounce rate is, the quicker and more likely you will be blocked by the ESP.

Moreover, the thing is always about money. Out of 100 emails that are sent to users based on their email addresses, around 20-25 are fake email addresses. Only 50% are genuine and reach the intended users. But the email marketing platform charges are based on the number of emails that are sent out. This causes a huge loss for businesses as unverified email addresses are numerous.

There are a few software on the market that can be used after downloading them but you will not get these features in them. Email Verifier is the best solution for email verification. It is a simple and effective SaaS platform that can reduce the number of email bounce backs as the emails are verified online. The best part of the tool is that it is online and free to use so there is no need to download any unnecessary stuff. It can be used with any operating system and is available as a chrome extension in the chrome store. It has got amazing reviews from other users too. So, it is highly reliable and recommended, too.

It is not like other email verifiers and it works very fast. You can upload a list of email addresses to be verified and it will give you accurate results within seconds. It doesn”t have any hidden or prime features, so you can also try it out for free.

Email drip campaigns:

Email marketing is a 100% effective technique of marketing and this I came to know after using the email drip campaigns of I had used multiple tools for my business but the results and convenience that I got with this tool are unmatched. On top of that, it gives a high return on investment (as I opted for a paid plan). They also have freemium plans to start with. I really like products and would like to thank them all for the efforts and innovation that they put in to make such useful tools for businesses.

With drip campaigns, you can create personalized email campaigns for your business and shoot out emails to the personalized emailing list. There is also the option for follow-ups that are automated. So, there is no need to keep on drafting the same kind of emails again and again for multiple clients. Even if you forget to remind clients for payments or confirmation, this system will not. Also, the analytics allows managers to get a detailed report of their campaigns in a single click. It is an amazing tool and I can go on talking about it for hours together.


I really love tools provided by They all are integrated and work together to provide a power-packed tool for my business. All the tools are really necessary and helpful. I am addicted to it and cannot imagine running my business without this tool. Thanks a lot to the entire team. Just keep up with the amazing work and keep on adding a lot more tools and stuff to your platform.

Even the blog, Snovio Labs, is super informative for novice people like me who have no knowledge of email marketing and all its peculiarities. Moreover, the blog will be useful for startups, as far as interviews are published weekly with insights and pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs. I would recommend this platform to anyone who wants to take their business from a start-up to a multi-million dollar business.


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