Top Innovative Car Technologies for 2020

Attending CES and the Detroit auto show over the past two weeks has my mind filled in upcoming technology. Mercedes-Benz introduced its completely independent F015 High-class in Movement idea car in Las Vegas, Chevrolet, Buick, Infiniti, Volkswagen and Hyundai; all had ideas wearing advanced features in Motown. Many of these technologies are ways off, but others are just on the horizon, or even coming into show rooms right now. The rate at which technology is modifying personal transport speeds up every year, which can make forecasting the appearance of upcoming car tech a risky undertaking. Even more powerful is the growing concern we”re seeing customers place on automobile technology during their shopping process at Kelley Red Book. This forced me to think what automobile technologies will go from sci-fi to very common in just the next few years. I”ve detailed these below in an effort to recognize the top advanced car technologies we”ll see in show rooms by 2020.


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Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Automobile Concept Car

  1. Autonomous Automobile Let”s just get this one out of the way. Observe I did not say completely independent vehicle. Why? Because it will take more than several years before a car can drive anywhere, at all times, without human management. However, by 2020 we”ll have vehicles able to be completely independent in certain situations, most likely non-urban interstates with little factors (and no bad weather). Think beginning of vacation control.
  2. Driver Bypass Systems This associate to independent technology, but it”s different because it”s the car definitely overlooking your instructions and creating its own choices. We already have vehicles that will stop if you are not able to make use of the braking system. However, by 2020 vehicles will apply the brakes even if the driver has the gas your pedal floored. The fast increase in sensor technology, it will power a move in concern, giving the car final say, not you.
  3. Fingerprint Automobile Access: The change we”ve seen in the past several years from secrets of keyless access and begin will be followed by a change to key-fob-less access and begin. You”ll be able to open up and start your car without anything more than your fingerprint. Does it sound a lot like the newest form of cellphone security? It should, because it”s exactly the same idea.
  4. Extensive Automobile Tracking: Insurance policy providers, and some state government authorities, are already discussing about charges based on how many kilometers a person drives. By 2020, insurance companies can provide a low cost for drivers that accept to complete tracking of their activities. I”m optimistic this technology continues to be non-reflex, but do I anticipate likely upcoming where insurance companies will require comprehensive driver tracking? Unfortunately, yes.
  5. Effective Window Display: HUD technology has come a long way from the dim, washed out green numbers some vehicles. HUD is in 2015; by 2020, we”ll see active glass able to showing brilliant pictures. Think about a navigation system that actually features the next turn as you plan it.
  6. Remote Shutdown: This technology already prevails, utilizing it consistently. In the past several years the telematics company has turn off thousands of thieved vehicles, ending cops chasing after quickly and with little dilemma. By 2020, remote vehicle shutdown will go into the social awareness, adversely affecting every night news scores everywhere.
  7. Effective Health Tracking: Honda Motor F +1.36% Company has previewed the idea of car seatbelt or leader receptors that track important research, though the fast growth of wearable technology means most vehicles will just easily couple with these products (think cellphone for your body). Merge this with basic independent technology and you have a car that can take over and call paramedics when the driver has cardiac arrest.
  8. Four-Cylinder Supercar: Honda just revealed a GT supercar technology to use a twin-turbo V6. This light-weight V6 creating over 600 horse power can provide world-beating efficiency, particularly if it is got a carbon-fiber light body to take around. We will see the first full-fledged, 200-plus miles per hour supercar by 2020, with a four-cylinder engine.
  9. High Tech Covers In 2020, we will see the car cover will be also advanced with high tech to protect your car. They will be fold, unfold even from your android phones, and protect your cars without any wrapping or packing the auto car covers in your bags to get more space in car containers.

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