4 Reasons to Try Mobile Banking

Technology is forever changing how we view and spend our money and it has never been easier to manage and organize our money. Most banks offer mobile banking now as a safe and easy way to manage accounts and transfer money with ease. If you still haven’t gotten mobile banking, here are four great reasons why you should.

View Your Spending

Being able to look at what you are spending whenever you want is a great way to budget. Without mobile banking, you only really look at what you spend when you get your statement at the end of every month and it can be out of sight, out of mind. Looking at how much we are spending on certain things can help us to budget and realize just how much we may be unnecessarily spending. This is especially helpful if you are trying to budget for a holiday or new car.


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Transfer with Ease

When going for a meal with friends, who is paying what can turn into a bit of a nightmare. With mobile banking, you can easily send over your part of the bill, meaning one person can pay, rather than having the waiter put through four different cards. It also means if you are out and about and you’ve forgotten change, you can easily borrow money from your friends and pay them back instantly. No more awkwardly reminding your friends they still need to give you that 50 dollars back.

Change Your Preferences

With mobile banking, it is easy to change many preferences, such as your credit limit. If you wish to change to paperless statements and receive e-Statements instead, this can easily be done through your mobile banking app rather than having to visit your bank. This saves money and is a much quicker and easier way to view statements. Many banking apps, including Nbt Online Banker, now have this option for its users. You can also add account alerts via email so you can see when you are close to hitting your credit limit.

Pay Your Bills Online

With online banking, paying bills has never been easier. Rather than having to go to your bank to pay a bill, you can now sit on your sofa with a glass of wine and get the bills out of the way with ease. This also means your check will not get lost in the mail and you can know your bill has been paid straight away. Once you have set up a new payee, you can easily pay your bills each month just by entering the amount. With mobile banking, you can even set up automatic monthly bill payments so you have one less thing to think about if you have a bill that is the same each month.

Mobile banking can come in handy for many things and makes it easier than visiting our bank to view our balance or to transfer money. Check to see if your bank has a mobile banking app that you can start using today.


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