4 Tech Tools to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Many career paths can be extremely competitive, and in order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd, jobseekers may find it necessary to enhance their qualifications or to pursue a more advantageous position within their field. This is especially true of the I.T. field, whose numbers are swelled annually by the thousands of graduates churned out from collegiate institutions around the country.

If a jobseeker is pursuing a position in software development, or in the maintenance of a company”s network infrastructure, it may sometimes be difficult performing similar duties year after year with no chance for vertical advancement. This is not uncommon in fields that are fairly high tech, especially considering the competitiveness factor. According to Camden College, located in New Jersey, some of the best ways to break out of this are by using high tech methods to acquire the qualifications one needs to reinvigorate their career.

Social Media

In addition to the more traditional use of Facebook and Twitter as forums for maintaining contact with friends, they can also be used to keep a pulse on developments in I.T. for instance. Seeking out experts in the field on these two media can be very advantageous, and networking with people in the field can definitely broaden the exposure out in the business world. LinkedIn is another very useful social medium, but this one is especially well suited to making and maintaining professional contacts, because it encourages professional networking and mutual skills endorsement. LinkedIn is a medium often consulted by hiring managers looking for specific skill sets from professionals.


Online resume posting sites

Posting a resume on websites like Monster.com and CareerBuilder can put a jobseeker”s name and qualifications out in front of a great many employers in locations all over the world. While they may not want to re-locate to most of those locations, having a resume with a wide-reaching berth is important for generating buzz and networking. Managers often browse these sites looking for qualified individuals, and the sites themselves frequently offer sound career advice for obtaining that dream job.


When posting a resume online doesn”t tell the whole story, or there simply isn”t room to include everything one would like on a normal resume, ePortfolio is a website where job hunters can upload a body of work they”ve done so as to demonstrate what they”re capable of to prospective employers. People in the IT field can use ePortfolio to feature development work they”ve done in the past with programs and scripts, and all certifications earned can be documented here as well.

Online continuing education

This is probably the most obvious of all approaches that people can take to improve their chances of advancement, because it”s something that directly adds to skills and academic background, and these are two areas always considered by hiring managers. According to Alison Griswold in an article on Business Insider, the most important thing to remember about taking online courses, as a means of advancement, is to show a prospective employer how taking that class directly improved one”s employment skills and knowledge.

According to CBT Nuggets, a tech training provider, if a jobseeker could demonstrate to their employer how taking courses on the Windows 2000 operating system led directly to them being able to configure and troubleshoot the Windows environment on their company”s desktop machines, that would likely be a usable skill. The flexibility offered by online courses is perfect for a full-time employee who must do a balancing act to manage home life, work requirements, social commitments, and course requirements. Online education also is a good way to demonstrate motivation and initiative to an employer, especially since it is a significant commitment for the full-time worker.

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