Blogging as a full time career opportunity

The moment we start growing up and enter the high school, one thought falls upon all of us inevitably. The thought about our career. It is undoubted that each and every one of us must have given it a thought about what we plan to do when we finish our graduations. It will rather be just to state that all of us have certain wishes and desires, which we would love to fulfill. But does one wishes and desires comprehend to what he or she should pick up as a career opportunity? More often that not what happens is that we bail out of the thoughts during the time when we need to think about it the most.

Now coming straight to the point! Have you ever thought about the various unconventional career opportunities that we have? Starting from Photography, Painting to writing, etc. are all different kinds of opportunities that knock us to be picked up as a career. What I am essentially looking forward to talk about today is Blogging! Well, unstated facts will show that Blogging can be taken up as a career for the modern day kids. Frankly speaking, you do not need to be any special human being to develop a bright career in blogging. Instead, you need to be smart, passionate about what your things and importantly have the desire to grow.


Let us discuss a few things that a blogging needs!

The Flare to write

To start off, let us get one thing very clear. Every career has a requirement or rather it can be termed as a criteria and writing is probably the most crucial criteria for Blogging. Writing as in nothing poetical or dramatic, instead something logical and precise. The most important things about writing are the words that you choose, the flare that you possess and the intentions to make yourself heard. As they say that a ‘Pen is mightier than Sword’, herein you will have to make the typed words your steps to success.


Now, in which occupation do you expect to earn money without being smart. But there is a catch here. Blogging needs you to be smart but not like thee bookish smart ones. You will have to be a street smart guy, outwitting the others in competition. Think about the right and forget about the wrong. More often that not intelligence and smartness are taken in on the same page, but sadly for me both of them are distinctly different. So, take my word, you will need intelligence at times, but more often than not you will be needed to be smart enough to outwit the competitors to succeed.

Hard Work

Let me be very straight about what am I referring to as Hard Work. The truth is that whenever you are trying to be the boss for yourself, you will be needed to do most of the work. Thus, Hard Work turns out as one of the major requirements for any individual who plans to take on Blogging as his or her career. There will be not any official time to work as you might just be needed to sit in from of your computers for hours. One will certainly have to persevere to get on to the glorious heights of Blogging and then you will see how things ease out.


Here it is. The so called ‘chemical X’ for blogging. Patience is one of the most important things that you need for blogging. There will be many scenarios where you will find yourself helpless. You might just end up not generating revenue for some time, but believe me, Patience is a virtue. You will have to be patient enough during the tough periods and carry on doing the right kind of work. Bad times pass, so patience will be required in abundance in case you are planning on taking a career in blogging. If my words make you feel that only bad times will need patience, then you are on the wrong path. Patience will even be required when you are climbing the ladder of success. You will have to be patient enough to take one step at a time, so as to prevent you from slipping.

Do not read my words and decide. Think yourself that whether you have it in you. But mark my words, once you are into it, Blogging will be addictive.

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