CouponDekho Review: Choosing the Right Diwali Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India for which people of different ages wait anxiously. Everybody keeps waiting for the celebrations so that they can have lots of fun and present gifts to friends and relatives. In fact the preparation for the celebrations commence well before actual day of festival. Due to rich cultural heritage many festivals are celebrated throughout the year in different ways. But this festival is celebrated throughout the country in every region, state and religion.


This festival is celebrated for eradication of the evil from earth and also to pray for peace in the region for years. This festival of lights inspires the people to spread feelings of happiness and love by exchanging the gifts. We start cleaning our homes well before the festival and try to decorate them beautifully and purchase gifts for dear ones. Here we shall discuss about best gifts that will make the festival brighter for all and the latest Amazon gift card coupons.


1. Idols of Gods

This is an excellent gift for the occasion and is very much appreciated by everybody especially elderly people. Though idols of Godess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are generally preferred by people but idols of other deities may also be gifted.

2. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances varying from crockery and utensils to items like toasters, grinders, sandwich makers or even the micro ovens are considered popular gifts.

3. Electronic Gadgets

Mobile phones, gaming consoles, iPads, laptops and tablets are popularly given as gifts by youngsters. Flipkart electronics offers can be quite handy for buying electronic gadgets.

4. Jewelry

Women of all ages love jewelry and it increases further during festival season. Receiving such gifts makes them priceless.

5. Gold And Silver Coins

Coins of silver and gold are gifted traditionally for decades. These coins can be gifted to close friends and special people because this symbolizes their importance to you.

6. Clothes

Designer clothes are a popular choice for Diwali gifts because once you present something which enhances their personality substantially, it will certainly be appreciated. has the best collection of coupons and deals for Diwali that can be handy while making purchases.

7. Sweets

Sweets are essential part of Diwali celebrations and many people like to present sweets as gifts. Due care needs to be taken to ensure that these are prepared hygienically and are made of unadulterated stuff.

8. Chocolate Boxes

Chocolates are as popular as the sweets because less likely to be adulterated or unhygienic.

9. Wall Hangings

Paintings and wall hangings flood the markets during festival time and are popular gifts for Diwali.

10. Lamps

Beautifully designed lamps enhance the beauty of a home and for this reason they are in great demand and make ideal gift choice for this occasion.

11. Decorative Items

Various types of decorative items for adding to the beauty of homes flood the markets during this festival and are a good choice as Diwali gifts. Since these are available in huge range and at affordable prices, they suit everyone.

12. Hampers

Various types of gift hampers are offered by a number of branded shops and mega stores for giving as Diwali gifts.


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