Dynamic Installers For Marketing And Monetizing Software

Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Most software developers are not exactly great at promoting their offerings. I won’t go into depth as to why – it may be a left-side of the brain, right-side of the brain thing, it may just be that those who like spending their days in front of a computer tend not to get along too well with things that contain blood and bone and talk back to you.

However, whichever way you analyze it; it’s no use writing the greatest piece of software ever created if no one other than yourself is ever going to see it. And if you have gone to the bother of thinking through a concept and identifying a need, and investing time and effort into developing software, why shouldn’t you benefit from your efforts? After all, the last time I checked, making money was not a crime.

So, unless you are part of .1% of the population who are both talented software developers and gifted marketers, and have the time to do both, then you have a problem. This augurs the question: How do you go about marketing and monetizing your software? It goes without saying that we are talking here about software that you have developed and not open source software.


Thankfully, there are companies here to service this problem and methods to ensure that you can maximize revenue from your software without having to dedicate an inordinate amount of your valuable time attempting to do things that you are neither qualified nor interested in doing.

The use of dynamic installers to monetize software is a growth area. Dynamic installers effectively enable you to concentrate on writing your software whilst quickly, easily, and seamlessly integrating a third-party offering into your software that enables it to be “pushed” to appropriate and relevant Tier 1 advertisers.

Usually, the provider of the dynamic installer, which is usually a free offering but results in revenue sharing with to the provider, has an expertise in advertising and access to, preferably, Tier 1 advertisers. This saves you the hassle of having to chase around for advertisers and it is better giving away part of your revenue safe in the knowledge that you will maximize your revenue and not be wasting your time attempting to market your software. After all, you are better off having 50% of a big pie that 100% of a piece of cake.

The better dynamic installers will automatically place your software on the cloud. This results in your software downloads being faster and with higher completion rates, an added attraction to those looking to download. Similarly, some dynamic installers provide offer screen capability. Offer screens have proven a very effective tool for attracting downloads and consequently maximizing revenue.

There are other methods to monetize your software such as bundling your software with a third party. A case can be made that dynamic installers are a variation on the theme of bundling but they are proving to be a distinct and useful tool in marketing your software and maximizing software revenue.


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