New Tech Bring Even More Comfort and Safety To Winter Sports

You think technology – you think computers. You think technology – you think cell phones. You think technology – you think communication networks. You think technology, you think – winter sports? Why not! With so many improvements in computer processing and design possibilities, all of those advancements allow people who design sports equipment to make their gear stronger, better, safer, smaller, and more efficient. Even though winter is finally starting to leave, take a moment to look at some of the advancements that have happened in the winter sports industry …


If you’ve ever taken a spill while enjoying your ski vacation, you know that a knock on the noggin’ really smarts, and you really wish there was a helmet that kept you from feeling that sting, burn, and thud. Lucky for you that ski industry specialists have been working on just this, and there are new sets of helmets that conform to the shape of your head and have multiple layers of impact protection. As this technology is improved and refined, pretty soon you can be far less anxious about those occasional bumps to the head you get when challenging yourself to that black diamond.

Skis and Snowboards            

As you get further into your skiing and snowboarding habits, you’ll start becoming interested in weight, length, and grip. You’ll start looking into the technology of skis, the differences in skiing and boarding in different temperatures and over different types of snow. The more you follow the news and technology that’s improving your ability to match your intention with your environment, the closer you are to finding that balance between perfect equipment and perfect fitness goal. For people who are competitive, the knowledge of technology can be the difference between what you want, and what you get!



“It’s quitting time – my feet are cold!” Thus ends many winter sports adventures. But get this. There are some new products hitting the market for skiers and snowboarders – heated boots. Buy a pair of heated boots and you’ll be joining the ranks of the comfortable – even in the nastiest weather conditions you can think of. Top of the mountain. Sun setting. Everyone around you giving up on the idea that there might be a few good runs left this evening. Their toes are frozen. Yours are nicely contained in the most technologically advanced footwear that you can buy for the occasion. Worth it? Absolutely!  Your friends may have four pairs of socks on to try to protect themselves from the elements, but that only works for so long once the snow starts trickling down and refreezing. Good thing you kept up with the news about your shoes!


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