Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers

There are many great ways in which to get people to your website, but how do you keep them around? The whole concept of getting people to your website is to get new customers, and according to Webdesign Up, the key to that is giving your visitors something that is of value.

In order to convert visitors to customers, first you need to know how to attract people to your business website. How do you do that?

Give them something to look at

A plain, boring website containing only your basic business information is not going to keep visitors there. This offers them nothing to look at, nothing to keep them interested. However, you also don’t want it to be too cluttered and you want to leave something for your readers to reach out to you about.

Pick attractive colors for your site and don’t go overboard with fancy designs. Include some photos. People want to see who they will be working with and they want to see what they will be getting from you.

It’s not all about what they see though.


Give them something to read

Explain to your visitors who you are and what you do. Tell them what your services or products can do for them. Don’t forget to include your keywords so that new visitors will be able to find your site. Keywords should always be well planned. Decide what your business is about and what words people would search to find you.

Another place where you can use these keywords and where people will find time to hang around at your site is through a blog attached to your business site. The important thing when it comes to any of the writing you do on your website, whether it’s on a landing page or in your blog, is to give them useful information to read.

Just using a bunch of jumbled info strewn with your keywords is not going to make search engines happy and it is going to make your website look bad to viewers. You catch more great customers with honey information- make it sweet and easy and they’ll stick around.

Turning them into customers

Now that you’ve got your visitors hanging out on your website, the key to converting them is to give them some ideas of what the next step they take should be. You can do that by creating a call to action. There are different things you can do with a CTA, from just asking a question that will get visitors to comment, to letting them know why they should get a hold of you and how to do it.

You can make your call to action a link that leads to your contact info or a contact form. You can design it with colors or photos. or, you can simply make it about the words that you use.

Either way, your visitors are hanging out, and now hopefully you’ve given them reason enough to contact you, which puts them one step closer to becoming your customer!


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