10 ways in which CMMS can benefit your Business

Still working with the Reactive maintenance strategy? Are you worried about the investment on the CMMS software? Are you unclear about how the CMMS can help your business?

If these are the questions that are stopping you from shifting your maintenance activity from a reactive strategy to a more organized and systematic way of handling assets, then let us give you some strong reasons of why your business needs a CMMS, but before we do that let us understand what is a CMMS.

What is CMMS?

CMMS is a computerized tool for managing the capital assets of a company. This software can schedule maintenance activities, tracks the progress of tasks and most importantly it ensures that the entire production system works seamlessly to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.


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Now let’s look at the Benefits of CMMS

Effective utilization of Assets: CMMS uses the existing data of the assets and plans a systematic maintenance schedule for the assets as per their previous history. Technicians on the other hand follow these plans and periodically check the assets to avoid downtime and reduce equipment breakdown.

Reduces the cost of repairs: When an organization adapts a preventive maintenance strategy, where the assets are maintained periodically even before a problem occurs, then the overall cost repair and replacement of parts in the machinery reduces considerably. Additionally CMMS also improves the overall life-line of the assets.

Reduces Downtime: With the help of proper scheduled maintenance, companies can give better care to their equipment. Due to this preventive response mechanism, the machines run efficiently, thus reducing downtime significantly.

Planning Purchases Wisely: When a machine is maintained regularly, then the risk of breakdown is highly controlled. In such a scenario, facility managers do not need to stock up spare parts and incur unwanted expenditure. They can plan their purchases as per the CMMS report about the health of the assets.

Reducing Accidents: The risk of accidents is reduced when a plant is managed by a CMMS system. The software is equipped with some great features that takes care of various asset related issues like work permit renewals, risk management, compliance updates etc. By using these features properly, companies can take care of their safety standards and minimize accidents on the site.

CMMS Mobile tool offers flexibility: As most technicians work out of office, either at construction sites or in shops, it becomes very easily for them to access the CMMS through the mobile platform. With the help of this tool, technicians work remotely and use the app to log in their work orders, place orders, communicate with the other technicians on one platform and most importantly it helps them to enter real-time data collected at the site, directly into the CMMS system.

Avoid manufacturing scrap and rework: Every time a production system breaks down, the process gets disrupted and thus it results in scrap and rework. This not only leads to a lot of wastage of material but also a loss of man hours. However with the help of the CMMS software, companies can avoid frequent breakdown of machinery by performing proactive maintenance of all the assets and regularly track their health in the CMMS.


The CMMS software is capable of reducing the maintenance budget considerably. Companies that have properly used the software have experienced the above benefits. Therefore the key to reap maximum benefit from the software is to first understand how it works and then introduce the software in every department. When everyone starts using this tool for their day to day work, the entire organization will operate with complete transparency and bring about higher productivity and profits.

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