Android Parental Controls For Parents To Know Their Kid’s Digital Activities!


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Parental Alert! More than half of the parents remain blind about their kids’ device use. Cell phone use is one debate, they are not even aware of their screen consumption. According to American Optometric Association (AOA), “ About 83 percent of kids use devices for more than 3 hours a day, but the percentage of parents are admitting the fact is only 40 %.” This is strange yet true, but parents are not the only culprits. The advancement in the technology is the equal contributor. Kids are the digital natives. They know every possible way of hiding their device use for parents so snooping or spying can’t work with them. The best approach to deal with the situation is using the Android parental control that lets you monitor their devices without being nosy. In this regard, one app popular among parents these days is FamilyTime.

How does Android Parental Controls Help?

FamilyTime android parental control app is a digital solution that empowers parents to monitor their teen’s digital usage. It lets them monitor, manage and take control over what their kids do with their devices by offering a range of valuable features that help parents:

  1. View contacts saved in the contact book of your kids
  2. Monitor call logs with the date and time stamps
  3. Check SMS history to know who do they talk to and what do they talk about
  4. Watchlist suspicious contacts and be notified every time the contact is made between by either party
  5. Track location details in real time on the virtual map.
  6. See location history for the past few months
  7. Receive PickMeUp and SOS alerts from kids with their location details
  8. View the web history to have a look at the URLs they visit.
  9. Monitor  the complete list of apps installed on their device
  10. Check App usage frequency to analyze the time they spend on each application.
  11. Block apps to restrict their access to the apps you find inappropriate.
  12. Put auto screen locks on their devices for a specific time interval.
  13. Remotely lock their phone to limit access to their device whenever you want.


And this does not bring the list of FamilyTime features to an end rather, there is a lot more that parents can do with this app in hand. To know what are other offered features, get the app now. You can install FamilyTime on your phone by downloading it from the app store on your phone.

Monitor kids to be their Mentor:

To mentor kids in a better way and to the right path, parents are needed to stay in the know of their kids’ activities only then, they can tell them what is wrong with their behavior. For this digital tools like FamilyTime – Android parental controls can help a great deal.


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