3 Things To Know For Successful Marketing

With the modern convenience of DVRs and Applications that allow us to fast-forward through commercials, marketing opportunities require a whole new set of skills for television and internet commercials. Regardless of what you personally think of advertisements during entertainment, take an extra few minutes and let that television commercial play though, or don’t “skip” the ad before you get to where you are going online. Really watch and see how the advertiser uses his marketing knowledge to draw you in, keep your attention, and help you remember his name long after the ad is over. If he did a good job, he will have used his research regarding his consumers, his product, and his competitors to create the perfect opportunity to draw in more business.

Know Your Product

You cannot sell something you don’t both understand and believe in completely. You can establish marketing tactics and make items look good, but without delving deeper into what they can offer, their potential for improving life, and their relevance to today’s world, your marketing comes across empty of substance and simply annoying.


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Get to really understand your product or service by

  • Using it yourself. This also helps you determine any improvements necessary.
  • Improving it to the point that you believe in it. Being passionate is your strongest marketing attribute.
  • Understanding how it fits into daily life and who will best benefit from it. This automatically takes you to your customer.

Know Your Customer

Who is your customer? Only you can really answer that. You created a product or service either because you saw a need, desired to fulfill a personal passion, or saw an opportunity to make something better. Once you know your product and its capabilities, you are able to determine who best benefits from your venture.

Once you know who you are marketing to, then you need to research that consumer. Look for his interests and how your business best benefits his needs and fits easily into his life. Use this knowledge to reach him either at his basic needs or by touching upon what’s important to him. Knowing your customer and his lifestyle helps you draw him into understanding his need for your product or service.

Know How To Stay Ahead Of the Competition

Now that you really understand your product and who your customer is, your next step is to determine who the competition is. You may have developed a new product or service, which may seem on the surface to have eliminated the immediate worry for competitors. Think again. Not only will a new venture open the eyes of prospective competitors, but it may cause them to look at your product or service and see ways to improve it, thereby passing you up and causing you to lose your momentum. Always be looking to improve yourself and your business to stay well ahead of others.

If the scope of your business is improving upon something that is already on the market, that leads to the potential of your competitor pool being larger. In this case, find a way to present your company with more than just goods and services. Discover what makes you different and better. Take a lesson from how Mark Crumpacker uses current trends regarding environment, health, and farming practices to take marketing from the vain to the conscientious.

When you believe in your product and care about your consumers, marketing is a simple task. Anything good is desirable and easy to sell. Knowing your competition gives you an edge on how to approach your audience and introduce your business in a way that makes you stand out. Watch the commercials and see what does and what doesn’t work and then make it work for you.


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