5 different ways to advertise vacant apartments for rent

Do you own a vacant apartment in Delhi and confused how to find out good tenants. Advertising rental property through different ways will help gain attention of a large number of tenants who are searching for a home to move in. Some different advertising methods include magazines, newspaper, internet, hoarding and word of mouth. Now advertising through online is becoming very popular because the ad will reach a large number of people who are looking for rental home nearby to the place where your property is located. Online ads for rental property will give quick and fast response.

If you are confused how to search tenants for your apartment in Delhi or property in Nodia here are given 5 different ways to advertise your vacant apartment for rent.

Through the internet

Online advertisement is the latest method and popular form of advertising rental property. Online ads will save lots of time than any other modes of advertising. Such ads will give you prompt reaction from potential tenants because the ad will be accessible all the time through internet. It saves lots of money instead of spending time, putting up flyers in different locations. You will get quicker response and prospective tenants will immediately contact you through either phone or by messaging you. The communication between the landlord and tenants are made faster than any other mode of advertisement. Through online you can provide lots of information about your property.


Free online sites and paid listing

Searching through online, you will find many free online sites which allow you to put an ad on free of cost. You may search for such online websites that provide listing services for free in the area your house is located. It is fast and easy, and everyone uses free listing sites. To make your ad effective, you must update your ad weekly. The ad must be attractive enough to steal the attention of the crowd. If free posting is not giving you enough prospective clients, you may choose paid listing services. They will charge you an amount for the time, your ad remains active and you can upload 20 photos of your house. There are several packages available, from which you can choose a price range affordable to you.

Word of mouth

You must inform your friends, family members, co workers and neighbors about you’re searching for new tenants. You may ask your current tenants to inform their friends about vacating the house, so that any of their friends interested moving to your apartment. Referrals remain a good way to get new tenants. You may also offer a referral fee so that any party shows interest bringing new tenants for your home, but you should not pay the amount until new tenants move in.


Newspaper remains a cost effective way to advertise about your rental property. You may put the ad in the local newspaper because the ad will get in notice, people living in and around location near to your vacant home. Local newspaper targets more potential tenants than putting the ad in a national newspaper. This is more effective if you are living in a metro area.

Put “For Rent sign”

You may put “For Rent” sign in front of your vacant home. The sign must be clearly visible to people travelling by foot and vehicle. You may also put multiple signs if needed. It is a great idea to write key information about the vacant home for rent on the sign board. So that interested tenants will only call you to know further more about the vacant home. You must provide your contact number or email id on the sign board for potential tenants to contact you.

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