5 Reasons Recovering Addicts Need Online Support Groups

The road to overcoming addiction is one that never ends.  For many, one of the first and most necessary steps in recovery is checking into a rehab center.  Here people struggling with drugs, alcohol, or any other number of addictions can find the professional help and support to guide them through recovery programs.  One of the most important aspects of rehab is the social component of group therapy.  Recovering addicts can share with people who are going through similar struggles and find comfort in that they are not alone.  Continuing with this form of therapy usually becomes even more critical after leaving the confines of rehab.  Even after years of sobriety there are still many recovering addicts who find support groups useful.  Technology now allows for people to participate in support groups online, which offer not only the traditional benefits of group therapy but also some that only technology can provide.

Share With People Who Understand

Online support groups offer recovering addicts the chance to share with other people who are going through the same struggles.  It”s a useful sound board for their emotions.  Addicts often feel like they are alone in their recovery and hearing similar experiences from others can give recoveries a sense of solace.  These support communities can provide psychological strength when the addict is in danger of relapse and the relationships are invaluable to successful sobriety.

Provide Information

The collective knowledge of the group will always be greater than that of the individual and online support groups are extremely useful for sharing information.   People can learn about new methods of therapy or medical treatments.  The internet offers a much larger pool of information than any local group ever could.



Diversity is one of the big benefits to support groups in general and having an online group can amplify the level of diversity.  Knowing that addiction can effect people from all walks of life, regardless of social or economic status.  Online groups can unite from who are scattered around the country or even the globe.

Access from Anywhere

One of the key benefits to online support groups is, of course, the ability to access from almost anywhere at anytime.  People seldom go anywhere without a mobile device and, with support groups moving into cyberspace, it means the recovering addict can call upon help from wherever they”re at.  It”s impossible to know when a moment of weakness might occur and having a group of people ready to access for help at any time is priceless to a recovering addict.  Furthermore, there are many locations where there just aren”t local group of people that a recovering addict can talk to.  In this case, the online group provides a community of support the addict would never have had access to before.

Can Provide Anonymity

Some recovering addicts may be embarrassed or socially insecure about their addiction and having an online group can give them a certain degree of anonymity.  Online a person can protect their identity or simply talk to people who they would never encounter in their day to day life.  In this way, many recovering addicts who might not have felt comfortable seeking help with someone in person can still get the support they need.


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