Android Apps For Every Smartphone.

Have you got a Smartphone and want to try out some Android apps for it? Then what are you waiting for. Below you will find top 5 Android apps for any Smartphone.

Five Android Apps for Every Smartphone.


1. LauncherPro

LauncherPro will help you to take your Smartphone Android app to a next level. It helps you to add a tailor-made wharf bar for induction of apps and believe me this is simply a fraction of the practicality brought to the home screen of the phone. With LauncherPro you get a completely revamped screen environ along with a fresh app drawer to launch applications. You will also find widgets which can be customized to your heart’s content. The widget for Gmail is the most excellent one and that is why this application for your Smartphone is the best.

2. Beautiful Widgets

The potency of Android is the capability to create the user interface very personal and beautiful gizmos is said to be the king of them all. With the help of this application you can install home screen gizmos of different sizes which makes the screen appear beautiful as well as depicts the user’s choice. Apart from this you can also transfer loads of clock, weather and a variety of skins to make the appearance of the phone as you want it to. The different doodads can be pooled in any ways to suit your fashion. You will also find live wallpaper which alters the background of the screen so as to match the moment of the day and home weather situations.

3. Amazon MP3

This complimentary app has changed from an easy way to obtain free music on Android phones to a full-grown cloud music system. The free MP3 is there, together with effortless access to inexpensive album treats in the Amazon music store. The launching of the Amazon MP3 has taken all this to the rear since you can now easily transfer music library to this app and from there to any PC or phone is simply a tap.

4. Dolphin Browser HD

The web browsers already found on Android phones are of course good, but they cannot be even a match to the Dolphin Browser HD. You can surf on the web pages at a very fast rate with this browser. It also contains an exceptional stroke system for enhanced web surfing. The Dolphin apps include a plug-in system that contributes tons of functions to the browser as preferred. There is a set up a signal system in Dolphin that permits you to trigger actions by sketching on the screen with your fingertip and this is no doubt an extremely positive attribute.

5. Multicon Widget

Normally the screens of the phones are able to hold only limited information due to its size and at times you may have to put additional icons for apps. The free Multicon thingamabob will allow you to have 4 app icons in the gap usually engaged by one, which really enlarges the screen. The 4 icon gaps are not limited to apps you can have any of your shortcuts or even special functions like WI-Fi etc.


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