How Stock Market Apps Are Better Than Computers

Computers have been around for quite some time, but they rarely got as much of a fanfare as stock market apps did. So what is it that made these apps an indispensable commodity?

Simple Trading

How about watching a stock trade in the market and just swipe through to complete the transaction? Sounds so easy and fun, isn’t it? That’s what the stock market apps like IIFL Money do. All it takes is a small space in your phone and works non-intrusively to ensure that you do meet your financial goals in no time. Integration is easy, and an app gives terrific control to the maker.



A good stock market app has all of it inbuilt that allows you to trade with ease and keep a close eye on your investments. With a stock watch list that numbers to about 100 scripts, IIFL Markets ensures that you don’t miss out on just about any of your favorite scripts. This company puts up reports of over 500 companies, and there is a team that relentlessly gets into the action.


People who invest in the stock markets are far more intelligent than you think, and when you participate in the interaction, you get a general sense of market sentiments. Although it does not have a lot of impact on long-term investments, it does make its mark in the short term ones. So look up the discussions on the board and then decide to invest. Participate, engage and ask questions, and every good stock market cum finance app like Moneycontrol, IIFL Markets etc have this feature. Some like IIFL are known to have an unbiased comment section which fosters free flow of information.


Not only Simple Trading and Ease, but it is also about getting valuable information and insights to the stock markets, which were once unprecedented. The stock market apps have made things simpler and easier for the people and have ensured that they get tips and complete news and other resources about that particular script. Some apps put up extra data to provide more features, IIFL is one of them.

Portability, the ease of handling and many other secondary factors are really important factors and that makes stock market apps really an interesting adventure.

You can get any stock market app that gets you all the features, but IIFL Markets clearly stands out. With a strong 4.2+ rating and an overall goal of 1 million in mind, it is certainly one of the best stock market apps around.

Intelligent features even enable users to track the stock without physically opening the app. It is optimized to give users a flawless experience. So far, over 80% of the user feedback is positive, and the most of the remaining being neutral.

Stock market apps are changing the trading landscape and this app is certainly amongst one of them. You can download most of them for free at Android or Apple Stores


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