Brainstorming For Date Ideas: Quick Searches For Fun Ideas

When you”re in a pinch and not feeling creative about what to do for your next date, there”s no better place to go than the internet for instant inspiration. Since the people who write a lot about dating are the ones who”ve already done the research for you, why not follow the information trail from that angle, right?

So, for just a few examples of ways to search for your next dating adventure, consider the casual approach, the preset approach, the collective method, going the active route, or falling back on the modern Netflix and chill phenomenon.

The Casual Approach

If you want no-stress dates, then approaching your search from the central focus of being casual is going to be your best bet. And casual dates are going to be different whether you”re in a primarily urban area or not as well, which is something to put in your back pocket. Cities have lots of casual things to do, but they can get expensive quickly, and you may have to fight other groups of casual-seekers. Suburban or even rural areas have lots to offer in terms of casual when it comes to things like parks or open areas.


The Preset Approach

The preset approach means that you set the date up in advance with regard to details and preset criteria. You get reservations at restaurants, even potentially paying in advance. You already have tickets to shows. You already have transportation arranged. This way of dating can be a little less flexible, but it also means that you don”t have to worry about details changing along the way.

The Collective Method

In the collective dating method, you”re going to go in 50/50 with your partner about what you want to do. That way there”s no undue stress on either party to get it right for the other person. If you”re with someone who is less prone to argue and more prone to discuss, this can be a great way to get to know each other just during the setup of the date as well!

Going the Active Route

For active people, why not do active dating activities? Go running. Go to a sporting event. Some people even go to gyms to work out on their dates because they like the adrenaline rush. The bonding experience happens over the course of physical exertion.

The Netflix and Chill Phenomenon

And it”s already made it”s way into pop-psychology dating mentality – Netflix and chill. This is the low-budget way to enjoy the company of somebody you like in a low pressure, low cost situation, and more and more couples are finding that type of intent works with them just fine.


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