Tips for Local Business Websites to Attract More Traffic and Increase Sales

Are you running a locally oriented business website? Then driving traffic will not be easy. Here are several tips for increasing web traffic to your site and boosting sales:

Target Local Keywords

Instead of using generic keywords, local websites should target locally used keywords. For example, if your target audience lives in Dubai, then search engine optimisation Dubai is what you should do. Local keywords are highly effective in targeting region-specific consumers and web users. So, do your research and fill up your site with local keywords.


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Focus on the Conversion Rate

While attracting web traffic is important, you also need to focus on your site’s conversion rate. That is the rate at which visitors to your site end up making a purchase. It’s the conversion rate that will decide the profitability of your site, not traffic. Consider conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your website when you choose SEO tactics. There are various techniques you can try without spending too much money.

Link Online Ads to Specific Pages

To boost conversions, link your online ads to specific and highly relevant web pages. For example, if you run an online ad for lavender soap you are selling, link that ad to the product page for lavender soap, not your company’s homepage. E-retailers build dedicated landing pages for online ads to drive up sales, subscriptions and other activities. This is something you should consider as well.

Make Site Speedy on All Devices

It’s very important to have a fast loading website. Consumers will drop your site like a hot potato even if it takes a second longer than ideal to load. Usually, the most visited sites load under 3 seconds or less. Any more time will confine your site to the category of slow loading websites. Google could penalize your site and exclude you from mobile search results. So, make sure your site can load fast across different types of devices, not just on computers.

Create Brand Awareness via Blogging

Blogging is a cheap and relatively less time consuming way to create brand awareness for your local business. You can maintain your own blog for the company, or you can guest post for popular blogs. The latter option is the easiest as building a blog from scratch can be expensive and time consuming. Find the most popular blogs which your target audience might be attracted to. Post your content in these websites to benefit from the high traffic certain blogs tend to enjoy.

Create Content and Spread Them around the Web

Content publishing is an excellent way to create brand awareness, increase traffic and build interest around a product. There are many types of content you can create: web articles, video, infographics and so on. In fact, it’s best to create many different types of content and see which types resonate most with your intended audience. It’s also important to create high quality content to attract visitors. Once you have created the content, do not publish them only on your website. They should be published around the web to get traffic. So, find forums, aggregator sites and privately owned sites willing to host your content.  Don’t forget to spread your content on social media platforms, where they will have the best chance of going viral.

Follow the above tips, and you will be able to significantly enjoy a spike in traffic, and most likely a noticeable increase in conversions as well.


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