Budget-Friendly Ways to Bring in New Customers

For some business owners, especially small business owners, it might be difficult to bring in new customers. Many young businesses that are just getting off the ground will have a small or even non-existent marketing budget. Luckily, there are many ways to get your name out there. Just to get you started, here are three budget-friendly ways to make your business or brand better known among the community.

Add An ATM Machine

People often need cash on-the-go and do not always have the time to find their bank’s ATM to withdraw money. By adding an ATM machine to your business you can meet the needs of individuals who would otherwise not necessarily come to your store.

You can install your ATM machine in front of your establishment for better visibility or you can buy an ATM machine and keep it indoors. On top of bringing in more potential customers, you can also charge a transaction fee. This is a way to earn passive income for your business all the while increasing foot traffic.


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Become A Drop-off Or Pick-up Location

Depending on your business’ location, it might be beneficial for you to sign up to become a collection point for major transporters. International carriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS will often partner with businesses in the area for customers to receive and ship packages without having to go to a major distribution center.

When people are not home and miss deliveries, their packages can be delivered to the nearest partner location in their neighborhood. It is just as convenient when shipping packages and you can even offer to print shipping labels in your store.

By signing up to partner with a transporter as a collection point, you’re passively bringing more foot traffic to your store and making yourself known without having to pay for advertising.

Partner With A Local Charity

Although it might not seem like an obvious way to promote your business, the amount of money you would have to spend is miniscule when compared to the visibility you would gain by partnering with a local charity.

If you pledge to give a small percentage of your earnings on a particular product or per every dollar spent to a charity, you will be able to use your charitable donations as a way of indirectly marketing your business. Charities often have fundraisers that need sponsoring or community events that draw big crowds. Having your name and logo on their banners and in their brochures will send a positive message to new clients. It demonstrates your commitment to charitable causes and will solidify your business as an important part of the community in the eyes of potential consumers.


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