Google Glass Vs Space Glasses

The Google Glass is one of the most sought after and widely discussed gadgets of this decade. It doesn’t only take praises to its credit, it is also one of the most criticized product. If only an essence of alternative reality technology caught your glimpse and intrigued you, you could only imagine your reaction after learning about Space Glasses.

Space Glasses

Before moving onto the comparison, first take a look at Meta’s teaser video on SpaceGlasses. For a few minutes, you would probably immerse in the belief that you have actually traveled forward in time or watching a stereotypical Sci-Fi movie.

The basic concept of SpaceGlasses is mis-intercepted by numerous users. In fact, it brings HUD (Head-up display), Augmented Reality which is more advanced. SpaceGlasses is equipped with a tiny projector which renders a 3D, Live vision.

Remember how Tony Stark maneuvers Holograms and HUD display in his Iron Man suit. SpaceGlasses enables you to experience something similar. The promo video demonstrates how you can actually model a 3D object out of thin air and print it using 3D Printer. That’s just not it, several other real-world application are depicted in the video. You can play virtual Nerf Gun, Virtual Minecraft simulation and basically transform your boring real life scenario.

I couldn’t just stop but thinking about the limitless possibilities Meta’s technology could contribute to our existing computing technology.

Google Glass

Google Glasses is also powered by Augmented Reality technology. Headsup display is featured on the transparent glass. It seamlessly sync with your Smartphone and provides you intuitive information on the go.

You can view the map, Explore through GPS as you walk or drive. You can connect to the internet, access Social networks, access any Google service. It is equipped with a tiny camera that renders Augmented reality into possibility. You can even translate a sign board engraved in a foreign language. You can record videos and capture photos with these glasses, this is where the privacy concern arises.

Imagine yourself walking into a public toilet sporting these glasses. There is no way anyone can know if you’re capturing a photo or recording a video.

SpaceGlasses vs Google Glasses

SpaceGlasses is powered by obviously a better technology filled with innovation. 3D Headsup display, Motion detection, the whole Iron Man concept is futuristic and intruiging. It is even less than half the price tag of the Google Glass. However, Meta hasn”t officially released the technical specifications. However, must-have utilities like GPS, SmartPhone Synchronization, e.t.c. may be missing from SpaceGlasses.

However, don’t forget it is still in it’s hatchling stage and it isn’t fair to compare it with a product in development by the technology giant, Google itself. Google Glass features a huge ecosystem of applications and developers. It is even equipped with top grade hardware. If you consider reliability factor, Google Glass would be your best bet.


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