Cyware: The Force multiplier in Cyberspace

Since last few months, the news from cyber space has claimed its spot on the front pages. Grab any leading daily and you will know it. This not only underscores the change being witnessed in the cyber threat landscape that can have massive terminal impacts but also the arousal of interest among present generation to be cyber aware and safeguard their individual and organizational assets from cyber attacks. There is a broad understanding that to fight the threat in cyberspace requires an effective strategy based on cyber awareness that comes from right information in right time. It”s not easy to find the right information from tens of thousands of cyber security news articles and that are published every day. However, there is one such platform that brings to you right information at the right time. This platform is Cyware; a cyber security App that employs machine learning based curation engine to separate wheat from the chaff and bring to you the most relevant cyber content based on your needs.


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Cyware is not just an App but a personal cyber security guide that inculcates cyber awareness into us by providing expertly curated cyber security and internet security news from the hundreds and thousands of the cyber security news articles, expert blogs and opinions published every day over the internet. Download and install Cyware and you will quickly come to know that it is a comprehensive cyber situational awareness platform, designed to help you stay informed about the latest happenings in the cyber world with expertly curated news stories and updates. A professional cyber security expert needs not just the static but dynamic knowledge that helps him stay steps ahead of the hackers. Given the changing nature of cyber threat landscape, the prudent and pragmatic approach for any security team or general internet user who seeks foolproof internet security lies in situational cyber awareness; something which is transient and needs continuous nourishment. The multitude of cyber threat actors that are ever willing to attack our networks require a multifaceted security approach which tackles every threat with more than optimum response. However, for such an approach cyber awareness needs to be there in the first place; else the entire security framework becomes disjointed.

Cyware is available for both the Android and iOS users. The short and well summarized updates are published timely to act as threat intelligence inputs. In present times, where every single second matters, the importance of timely threat intel is known to all cyber security professionals. These inputs can be forwarded to right people be it clients, security team, leadership team or peers easily to disseminate the threat intel and make them aware. Such a timely response is exactly what separates professional cyber security response from an amateur one. Cyware is powered by IBM’s Watson technology that is based on the next gen machine learning technology. Use Cyware to force multiply your security efforts. It is the App that your security team needs to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.


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