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You’ve finally found the perfect domain name for your online business. But first check for its availability with’s domain name search and registration services. And while you’re at it, you might as well use for all your business needs. is a free website builder. But it’s also a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. You can register your domain, create your website, and manage your online presence in one place –

Domain Names

Don’t know what a domain name is? Basically a website domain is the address you type in to visit a website. For example, is a domain. There are specialized companies that sell domain names, which is where comes into play.

You can register your domain with for a small fee. The cool thing is that you can also purchase premium plan, such as the eCommerce package, which includes a domain name subscription in the package.

However, keep in mind that if you have already purchased your own domain name from a different registrar you can still connect it to your site.  After you use’s service for a while, it’ll probably become natural to connect your domain to your Wix site. In that case, lets you make the switch. When it comes to yearly premium plans, a new custom domain name comes with one year validity – the buyers have to pay for the upcoming years. But that’s totally worth.

HTML5 Drag ‘N Drop Editor

Building jaw dropping, stunning websites is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity, and is the place for that. Not everyone is good with coding and graphics, and as a result building a good looking and well serving website could turn into a nightmare for just about anyone. solves this problem. There are 100s of templates to choose from, and then you just drag ‘n drop in order to design your site. More than that users can purchase their own domains, making a one stop shop for all your web related needs.

For anyone running a small business, happens to be an ideal solution. You people have got the money to invest, and is the most worthy website building company to invest on. Giving an overview of the business idea and website outlook would be enough for the creative panel of and expect to have a website ready by the shortest convenient timing; that’s how good really is.

We have shortlisted few features of Wix.Com.

Professional Templates

If you can’t brainstorm new creative ideas for your business or personal website, then just browse through’s templates. When you open their website, you get an idea on the quality of template’s they offer. These templates certainly look more beautiful than most other website builders. Later on, you can change and stitch the pre-made designs according to your own needs and thoughts, no big deal.


However, choose your templates wisely as you won’t be able to change it.

User Friendly Drag & Drop Interface has a very interactive drag and drop interface to get you started and through the entire process. No coding or indenting is required to place an image at a certain position on the page, just drag and drop it and adjust with the mouse pointer. It’s not the easiest interface though, but it’s an effective blend of both advanced options and easier operation. From newbies to advanced level computer users, the drag and drop style free website builder is a great tool to explore.


Suitable for ecommerce Websites

Online startups are highly accepted among the young entrepreneurs these days. An attractive website is the first tool someone would ever need for the best first impression and that’s where could help with their best expertise. offers a great solution for your eCommerce website as well as tons of stunning templates to begin with. No technical knowledge is required! The user would simply drag and drop the product list, put images next to the names, add details to their products etc., and’s interactive tool does the coding underneath. You don’t even have to look under the hood, rather just focus on the website you are investing your time and money on.

Customers love being cared and given importance. designed their templates in such ways that offer comfort and the feeling of safety. And if ever need help with anything, has an a support team available to answer any of your questions.

Plans and Pricing

From most basic to ecommerce websites, offers four types of services. The cheapest is the ‘Connect Domain’ package. It is the most basic service and comes for only $4.08 per month. The package is for anyone looking to connect their domain to their Wix site. This package, however, shows ads picked by Wix system.

‘Combo’ is for personal websites. You could put your own diary or photo blog, whatever you want. This plan costs only $8.25 per month and one free domain will be offered for a year. These two packages are restricted under a limited bandwidth policy and higher traffic might not be a blessing for websites under these packages.


‘Unlimited’ is for everyone, but especially stitched for entrepreneurs and freelancers. This could be the best place to showcase someone’s talents. The bandwidth is practically unlimited. 10 GB storage is enough on average for most people. This plan costs only $12.42 per month and domain validity is one year.

And the ‘ecommerce’ plan name stands for what it does – opening your online store. It is best suited for small ecommerce websites with limited amount of incoming traffic; 10 GB to be precise. $16.17 is actually very cheap for an ecommerce website so no objection regarding the pricing.


Personally, we weren’t much in favor of stylish website builders since we are mostly tech geeks. But after taking a deep look into, we changed our minds. People with zero to little coding experience and website designing skills will find highly useful. There are few drawbacks though; like the website could be little more functional, the templates should have allowed switching later etc. But then again, is a website building tool designed to give people a head start in owning a website, not spoon feed people who don’t want to learn. On overall scoring, we would prefer people to use’s service.


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