What is user experience tool and why is it beneficial?

When the developer develops a website professionally he often focuses on the design and layout with technical features in place. But they generally neglect one very important aspect which is how the user experiences the website. If users have to face the hard time to navigate through the website and figure out how to accomplish their goals through the website, then they will go somewhere else and not come back. That is why a user experience tool is used to analyze how the user experiences the website when he visits it.

The tiniest details can make a big difference when we consider a user experience. Here in this article we will discuss some of the best user experience tools which will help in analyzing the usability of your website.



It is an open source mind mapping program and compatible for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is available for free too.

ConceptDraw Office

It supports flowcharts and mind maps and compatible to Windows and Mac. It starts from $199.


OmniGraffle is a great user experience tool for the Mac OS X and iPad users. It creates flow charts, organizational charts and many other programs.


This is a web based program which supports flow charts and sitemaps. It is available for free.


It is available from $59.99 and is used to create wireframes and PowerPoint.


Pencil tool is available for different platforms and is an open source software providing GUI prototyping.


This is a great online wire framing and mock up tool. It is available from $9 a month.

Justinmind Prototyper

It is an application for wire framing web and mobile apps. It runs on Windows platform and Mac OS platform. It starts from $19 a month.


It is a web based user experience tool and creates a click-through prototype to link together the uploaded mockup images/


This is a collaborative tool for user experience analysis and is a HTML/CSS JavaScript prototyping tool. It starts from $19 per month.

Intuition HQ

This is available for free and is a remote usability testing service. It allows you to run various tests on user designs and the feedback instantly.


It is an online application which collects and analyzes user feedback on different screens and mock-ups. It is available from $19 per month.


It is a web application for creating and publishing polls and surveys. It is available for free.

Concept Feedback

This is an online community to exchange the feedbacks on designs. It is available for free


It gathers feedback and asks users to recall the elements of the website after seeing for 5 seconds only.


It is a crowd-sourcing service which simply provides feedback via A/B polls. It is available from $20.


It is a collection of tools which offers user research and includes surveys, feedback and card sorting. It is available from $39 per month.


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