Easy tips To Learn Trigonometry Formula

Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics, which mainly deals with the studying of triangles their identities and the relationships between distances and the angles. The term Trigonometry was derived from Greek word meaning measurements of triangles. It is an applied mathematics, mainly used to calculate the angles and sides of a given triangle. The Hipparchus, Greek astronomer and mathematician is known as a father of Trigonometry and he was the first person to create the Trigonometric table.

The application of trigonometry is widely used in numerous fields including engineering, science, and others. As per the students, many of them face difficulties in learning and remembering the formulae but it cannot be ignored as it is the most important fields of mathematics.


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To help students in learning the Trigonometry Formula, here are some important tips to memorize Trigonometry formulas.

  • The best way to learn any topic is by having a basic understanding of all the concepts. Therefore, be thorough with all the basics. Learn all the six Trigonometric formulae-sin, cos cot, cosec, sec, tan.
  • Be regular to the class and stay focused on the teacher’s explanations. Make a note of all the important points discussed in the class session.
  • For clear and better understandings of the Trigonometric formulae and identities, students can refer NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths.
  • Solve more problem on a daily basis, as by solving more problems and different questions on the same formulas, students can easy memorize formulas.
  • The best and fastest way to learn and remember the formulae is by memorizing a trigonometric ratio table and by making a note of all the formulas, which you need to be memorized in a sheet of paper and practice it on a daily basis.

These were some easy trick to learn trigonometry formula. Trigonometric formulas are quite difficult but not impossible. There are many other techniques, which can make the formula easier. The best trick is by practicing more problems with different formulas and identities. Once we are perfect with this formulas, we can remember them throughout our life.

For more numerical problems on trigonometry, students can refer to many books and to other online YouTube videos. Students can also download free NCERT textbooks, NCERT solutions, and exemplar which provides a number of solved numerical problems and help students to make the concepts crystal clear. Students can learn more about NCERT solutions by visiting the official websites.


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