I Bought My Smart Phone through Coupon Machine

Being a part of an online community that has reaped the benefits of legitimate online services has always been my desire. Technology has changed the way things happen these days for sure. From the establishment of online retails to the emergence of discount coupon websites, it is quite sure that the shopping experience for many is going to change for the better in the future to say the least.

The discount thing did not just come from the blues. In my experience and personal knowledge on finance and lifestyle, I have always known that not everybody was born with a silver spoon on the mouth. Some of us do not just have enough money to buy those items that we cannot live without, and I guess the discount offer is something to go by.


Being a businessperson who regularly uses a mobile phone on a daily basis, I had to buy a new phone when my Android Smart Phone spoilt. I cannot live without a mobile phone. My Android Smart Phone had become a part of me; it was the best tool that made my business deals easier. The outer and inner screen broke into pieces, and how this happened is definitely another story.

I did not have enough money at the time to buy a new phone really. All the local shops that I visited sold their handsets at freaking expensive prices. While there were cheaper option that I could buy ten times less the money I had, I just had a feeling they were not the best pick for me. The yoyo at the shop was not willing to negotiate prices and the lady at the supermarket at the mobile phones and tablets display was insisting that I take the most expensive phone on the display. Unfortunately, though the products were great and worth a grab, I did not have any amount close to the price tag.

I asked a friend at the office where I can get a good Smart Phone at discount prices. He told me about discount coupons, and how they have been able to help people buy more, spend less and save more all at the same time. He referred me to a platform he said is trusted and legit and told me to be sure that I can definitely get the best product from there.

The name of the site he told me is Coupon Machine, which I later came to learn is India’s biggest coupon website, which gives users exclusive access to thousands of stores where they can buy goods at discount prices. After browsing through the site and checking their Smart Phone section on Flipkart offers page, I realized that I could actually get the kind of mobile phone I wanted at affordable prices, quite many times lower than the price quoted at the local supermarket.

Already, I placed an ordered, used the coupon code I had redeemed, made a payment with my credit card and got the product delivered to me. I am so happy that I found  couponmachine.in a platform that I will be using from time to time now.


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