Mobile Wallet: A boon for users and service providers

Mobile payment platforms have changed the course of the ecommerce industry. Although there are various mobile payment methods, however, the one that’s most popular is the mobile wallet. Mobile wallets basically make use of the NFC technology that enables the customer to make a payment to the vendor using a mobile application. Top beneficiaries of this technology would mobile operators, technology companies, banks, consumers willing to shop online or those who wish to get an online recharge and merchants. They will benefit as this technology gives them the ease and convenience of paying for the products and services that they want. Following are some ways with which the mobile wallet technology can benefit us:

By Bridging The Gap

With smartphones, the mobile wallet technology can help to bridge the wide gap that’s present between online and offline commerce. It will also enable merchants to offer certain coupons or loyalty programs that can help consumers save money and time. People don’t have to queue up now to for a recharge or for their Vodafone bill payment. With mobile wallet technology, the physical store front can be tailored with amazing digital experiences for both worlds.

By Reducing Fraud

There has always been certain doubts regarding the security in mobile payments, however, in recent years service providers have really beefed-up the NFC technology which facilitates a secure and contactless payment. This has greatly helped to reduce a large number of fraudulent activities. Since the NFC payments of consumers happen on a chip level instead of the PIN network in case of debit and credit card transactions, therefore it’s a much safer for payments.


By Enhancing User Experience

Enhanced user experience for services like Vodafone bill payment, product purchase and for money transfers is another reason why mobile wallets have become popular amongst people. Anything that makes the lives of consumers easier and convenient is always appreciated and mobile wallets do just the same. Enhanced user experience also helps people save time and money that they end up to spend for the various services provided by the merchants.

By Motivating Consumers

The mobile commerce world is evolving every single day with subscriber base to new shores. With the help of mobile wallets operators can reach to new customers and then motivate other consumers to discover the various benefits of mobile payment options. Operators can help consumers understand the advantages of going for an online recharge through mobile wallets. This will ultimately strengthen the customer relationship with the operators of these services.

With mobile wallets, people pay for the services they require with ease and without worrying about any fraudulent consequences. Undoubtedly, mobile wallets have proven to be a boon for not just the consumers, but also for merchants and other service providers who wish to take their business mobile. The mobile wallet technology, thus, is going to stay for a long while now unless and until any other alternative comes up in future which is as robust and convenient as this one.


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