Tips For Getting Through Addiction

If you’ve ever suffered from addiction of any kind you know it’s difficult to control that need for your vice of choice. Just because drugs and alcohol are the most commonly spoke about addictions, they aren’t the only ones. People can become addicted to eating, shopping, gambling, and even sex.

Once you’ve realized that you have an addiction and then you’ve decided to get clean, it can be easy to fall back into bad patterns again. There are things that triggered your need for that particular vice in the first place, and if you come across them it could cause you to fall off the wagon.

Change Your Habits

Your first step in avoiding falling back into old pattern is to change your habits. When you are in recovery from addiction you need to make many changes to your life, and you’ll basically be learning how to do things all over again. Just like a recovered smoker, you may not be able to drink anymore because you always smoked when you drank, or always smoked at the bar, so you’ll need to drink at home.


By changing your habits you can lessen that psychological need for the substance, or thing, you were addicted to. Those habits could be negative friendships and relationships as well. Many recovering addicts find that making new friends and cutting out the negative influencers is a great help in staying clean.

Know Your Triggers

Friends can be triggers, sex can be a trigger, the bar can be a trigger, stress can even be a trigger. It’s important to know what triggers your need to smoke, drink, do drugs, gamble, or whatever your addiction is. It could mean keeping snacks out of the house, or having someone else do your grocery shopping for you.

By knowing what triggers your need you can avoid these things. While some things may be hard, or even impossible, to avoid. You could always consider hypnotherapy as well, which may assist you in getting past your triggers in a more mental way.

Get Help

Getting help is also extremely important. Help can come in the form of good friends and family that are willing to stand with you, and can understand what you’ve gone through. Help can be going to rehab when you need it.

Help is also attending meetings, like AA, NA, or even a shopper’s anonymous group. These groups allow you to spend time with people who have been where you are, they understand better than anyone the struggle of staying clean and addiction free.

You can be free of addiction, it just takes work and dedication, and a good support base that is willing to help you through the rough patches. It can mean changing the way you do things, and changing the people you do them with, but it’s for you.



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