Possible Solutions for Chronic Pain

While many people do not want to live with frequent aches and pains, numerous individuals continue to suffer from chronic pain because finding a solution can be difficult. Chronic pain may involve an injury, insomnia, an illness, a mental condition or a genetic disposition to chronic pain, and this makes figuring out the root of chronic pain challenging, but promising technologies and innovations offer potential treatments for those that suffer from a variety of problems.

Educated Guessing

CAT scans, X-rays, MRIs and physical therapy could all be used when trying to pinpoint the problem one with chronic pain is suffering from. If the cause of one”s pain is not evident, an individual may try to find relief with acupuncture, massages or chiropractic services. This has also lead to the creation of devices, medicines and creams that aim to reduce pain in a general area without knowing which condition one has since a successful diagnose cannot always be found.

An App for Everything

Chronic pain sufferers may now be able to carry a cure with them as The Philips PulseRelief app is controlled through one”s iPad or iPhone. The PulseRelief technology is supposed to send electric pulses to a given area, which should stop pain signals from entering the brain.


Invention Leads to Chronic Pain Relief

A pediatrician developed a tool called Buzzy that also works to interrupt pain signals by using a combination of high-speed vibrations and cold temperature. The physician was influenced by the gate control theory that says sensory stimulation might be able to interrupt pain signals when they attempt to travel up the spinal cord to the brain. Buzzy was originally intended for children who were afraid of receiving shots, but the device has also been successful when soothing arthritis pain.

Stimulation for Circulation

Those who go to a physical therapist for acute pain may receive neuropathic pain therapy, which uses stimulation to change the circulation in a specific area. This may release endorphins to ease pain and promote the body to heal. This method might be used for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia or migraines.

Removing a Trigger

Those who experience chronic muscle pain sometimes undergo trigger point injections to relieve pain with an anesthetic. Parts of muscle or connective tissue can irritate nearby nerves and pass pain on to other parts of the body. These trigger points are neutralized by injecting an anesthetic into the trigger points.

On the Horizon

Optogenetics requires more testing in animal subjects but uses light to influence neurons and allows a color to stop neurons and prevent pain. Engineers and scientists at Stanford are pairing optogenetics with small, remotely powered devices, which may show promise for the future of treating chronic pain.

Reducing chronic pain can be like solving a mystery, but those who remain positive and determined to ease their suffering may find a procedure or item that delivers relief. These methods and others continue to help some individuals put a stop to chronic pain.


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