Substance Abuse Deterrents: A Few Different Angles and Methods

Many people find that their basic personality is susceptible to some kind of addiction or substance abuse. They may claim, rightfully and factually or otherwise, that the drive to do habitual things is built into their DNA. At what point then, do they try to figure out how to deter their natural behaviors?

That question right there leads to what different groups of people are using to try to stem the flow of troubled situations and legal problems from in and out of these individuals” lives. So, from manufacturers of drugs, to social groups, to professional groups, to family member, and to the education system, all pillars of the community have a say in working to deter unhealthy behaviors.

From Manufacturers

The role of drug manufacturers (with respect to prescription drugs) plays a clear but tangential part in the mix. And to combat use and abuse, some companies have started creating deterrent drugs. In other words, they”ve found ways to physically construct their pills to try to prevent some of the types of drug abuse out there. A few examples of this kind of manipulation would include making the drug taste really bad when crushed, or adding time release elements into it.


From Social Groups

Who your friends are makes a huge different in what you do as a drug abuser. If you”ve created your habit on your own, they can help you break out of it; however, if they”re the ones whose proximity created the problem in the first place, then it”s going to be time for you to move on socially, and just being close to your demons will often make you embrace them without more serious questioning.

From Professional Or Athletic Standpoints

Drug and alcohol abuse occurs in sports and entertainment at the highest levels. Creative or driven people, especially when they have access to money, can easily fall into the drug abuse trap. There are countless examples of celebrity drug abusers who either have or haven”t been able to kick their habits in the long run.

From Familial Pressure

Family pressure to avoid drug abuse comes from two different direction. Your parents can pressure you, reminding you of how peaceful you were before you started abusing substances, and then if you have your own family, a spouse and children, they can serve as your reminder to be kind to your body and mind as well.

From the Education System

Drug education in school is notorious for being inaccurate, ineffective and largely just a joke. If anyone ever got serious about trying to deter eventual substance abuse, there would have to be a complete overhaul of how information is presented to kids in school.


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