4 Gadgets You Need on Any Bus Tour

Just because you’re not traveling in a high tech way doesn’t mean you don’t have the latest technology at your fingertips. The reality is that opting for a bus tour or road trip instead of flying from destination to destination gives you more time to truly enjoy the ride. It allows you to stop at the latest attractions, save some serious cash, and experience America at a more reasonable pace. However, even those who prefer buses to airplanes need the right technology to capture the vacation.

When relying on a New York City bus tour to take you to all the hottest attractions, how are you documenting it? How are you sharing your experience with the world or your friends back home? Regardless of whether you’re a professional travel blogger or a “regular” tourist, you want to make the most of this tour. Here’s how:

1. Spring for a quality phone

Ideally that quality phone is in your smartphone unless you’re a professional photographer. Hauling around pro-grade cameras makes you ripe for a robbery, but a smartphone you can easily hide. Check out the Nokia Lumia, iPhone 6 or one of the best camera phones as recommended by CNET in 2014. Multi-tasking and light loads are key.


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2. Portable hot spots

These can be relatively costly, but if you’ll be on vacation for more than two weeks (or it’s a working vacation), why not bring Wi-Fi to you? There are countless places for free Wi-Fi in cities like NYC and Washington DC, but the quality is hit or miss. You can get recommendations on portable Wi-Fi from PCMag or do your own research based on budget restrictions.

3. A tablet

Forget hauling your bulky laptop around. In the era of mobile readiness, there are more Americans on mobile devices than ever before. Get some work down, change your itinerary, or upload some photos to Flickr while your tour takes you through a less thrilling part of the state. Choose a tablet based on your needs, weight and of course your budget.

4. Solar chargers

Want to make sure you’re always plugged in and don’t have to battle for sparse outlets? Pick up some affordable solar chargers and keep them tucked against the bus windows as you take in the sights. It allows you to charge for free and guarantees zero energy consumption from charging alone. Now that’s how you can travel green.

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