Text Mobile Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

In today’s tech-savvy world, many consumers consider their smartphone an extension of themselves, and most have it within arm’s reach 24/7. To small businesses, this is an opportunity to reach potential customers instantly, and one of the ways to do it is through multimedia message service marketing (MMS). If you want to boost your brand’s presence within your target market group, here are some tips to help maximize the effectiveness of your MMS campaign.

Grab Their Attention

Mobile users are constantly on the go and you need to engineer ways to grab and maintain their attention. Your message needs to be laser focused and succinct, with no fluff. When using images, bright colors and large fonts that are easy to read work the best. Always make sure to include your company’s logo in the image to be easily recognizable.



Your mobile marketing strategy is most effective when united with other marketing initiatives. It can help drive more traffic to your social media accounts, blog, or website. Use simple call-to-actions in your text images or videos that encourage users to click a link to go to your site.

Offer Something of Immediate Value

Encourage consumers to find out more about your company’s products or services by offering something valuable. Nobody likes to receive intrusive texts from a company unless they are given the promise of receiving something instantly. Include real-time offers, such as the sale of a new product. The message should also include the benefits of acting upon the offer immediately.

Include Your Brand

This may sound obvious, but many small businesses forget to include who they are and what they do when sending out text messages to audiences they aren’t familiar with. Always be sure to identify yourself and mention the name of your company and what you have to offer. You can also include your website link.


People respond better when they feel like marketing material is directly addressing them. It’s a good idea to include your subscriber’s name in all of your text messages. You can also make your texts more relevant by sending different campaigns to targeted groups based on their preferences and interests, which can be gleaned from a consumer’s subscription info.

No Spam

Avoid using slang or hype in your mobile marketing. Consumes will delete it without giving it a second thought because it looks like spam. Avoid using words such as “cheap,” “free,” and “amazing.” Also, don’t use abbreviations as this can also destroy your campaign efforts.

MMS campaigns can help you reach consumers while they are on the go. If you do it correctly, it can have very effective results for your small business.


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