Keeping Private Matters Secure In Today’s Digital World

Especially with all of the recent attention on hacked emails, voicemails, and photos, you may be more wary than ever about sending information or files through digital means. The only problem with that is that digital means are pretty much the primary (and most effective way) or doing most of your communication. Which means that rather than avoiding digital transmissions, you have to learn to work with them.

In the case of private matters, that means that you should understand how to work things like email encryptions, password managers, cloud security, cell phone messaging apps, and just common sense in general when it comes to using your computer or your other gadgets.

Email Encryption

You may think that sending email through Google, or Yahoo, or Microsoft servers is a private affair, but case and case shows that these emails (and sensitive information from these emails) gets hacked, cracked, and distributed all the time. One way to protect against that is by using your own email encryption techniques. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, and the degree of security that you want will determine the steps that you take.


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Password Managers

Another way to ensure that your privacy remains intact as much as possible is to make sure that your passwords are secure. But, you”ll quickly realize that difficult passwords are extremely hard to remember, especially if you have a bunch of them, which is why using password managers has become such a popular option. So long as you can remember your one master, unlock password, everything else is highly secure, and even automated with the right settings inside your browser or mobile phone.

Cloud Security

For a cool and useful as the cloud is, there are definitely some security issues that crop up every once in awhile. If you upload business files or private photos in particular to any of the cloud services, those are the times you want to make sure that you understand which encryption style is being used as files transfer in and out of that virtual space.

Cell Phone Messaging Apps

Cell phone messages, especially the ones that go through default programs over default communication lines, are notoriously easy to hack, or even just access once they”ve been archived on various servers. To keep your privacy in that realm, there are plenty of apps that you can choose that encrypt as soon as you hit the send button.

Using Your Logical Brain

Common sense is one of the biggest resources you can use when it comes to maintaining virtual privacy. Nearly everything that you do online is being tracked, archived, and key logged, so if want to be squeaky clean, then you should do things in person with people, so there”s no chance of a privacy leak.


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